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Freestyle Pilot

...with Mark Reed

Kites how-to video: Freestyle Pilot by Mark Reed Review this video!

The most definitive kiting video ever produced, Freestyle Pilot is an easy to follow step-by-step coaching program that will take you from your first basic landings to the most challenging freestyle tricks being done today. Learn from Mark Reed, the mastermind behind Prism Designs and world renowned freestyle pilot. Mark reed reveals the tips and learning techniques that have made him one of the most celebrated instructors in kiting. Get the most from you flying with digital split screens, detailed ultra slow motion explanations, and specific practice exercises that break down the most complicated techniques into manageable sections and save you hours of trial and error. Includes a complete 30 page Flight Guide you can take to the field so you can refer to what you've learned.<p><p>Covers: Stalls, Landings, Side slide, 360 Float, Snap Stall, Tip Stabs, Cartwheel, Leading Edge Launch, Sleeping Beauty, Dead Launch, Pop-up, Light Winds, The Downwind Glide, Pinwheel, Up and Over, Axel, Spin Axel, Axel Landing, Double Axel, Coin Toss, Reverse Coin Toss, Ground Toss, Half Axel, Cascade, The 540, Fade, Flic Flac, Backspin, Combinations, Fruit Roll-up, Full Monty, Jacob's Ladder, BackFlip, Lazy Susan, Flapjack, Yo-yo

(about 50 minutes)

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