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Master Machinist

...with David Burns

Milling how-to video: Master Machinist by David Burns 4_bulb Review this video!

Master Machinist - Milling Machines

Covers setups and operations, milling, drilling, tapping, boring head, dividing head, rotary table, and much more just about any accessory is covered as well as all the different cutting tools used with a milling machine.

(about 90 minutes)

Master Machinist - Engine Lathe

Covers setups and operations, thread chasing, 4 jaw chuck, faceplate, follower rest, steady rest, and much more just about any accessory is covered as well as the different types of cutting tools used on a lathe.

(about 60 minutes)

Master Machinist - Inspection / Tooling

Takes a look at the precision tools and instruments of the trade. How to use and interpret their readings covers micrometers, calipers, telescoping gauges, surface gauge, height gauge, surface plate work, and much more.

(about 35 minutes)

This video was added to our catalog on January 01, 2000 in Metalworking::Milling.

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Customer Reviews

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Reviewer: Guy G.

This video has the basics of operating a milling machine. I found the video to be well made with excellent instruction. I would highly reccommend this video for a introductory level of milling machine ooperations. My only negative comment is that there should have been more close up views of tool cutting and appropriate chip sizes of the optimum cuts.

By the way, the service from Technical Video Rental was excellent. I will be renting alot more videos.

Reviewer: Yuchol K.

Just watched the Engine Lathe video, it was OK. I felt he didn't go into too much detail nor could I see the operation close. Only one camera was used and it only gave a broad coverage of the operations. It would be a good primer for a person who just bought a lathe and have never cut before.

Reviewer: Gary R.

This is one very fast moving, information loaded, well done video. I thoroughly enjoyed it! By moving right along, he keeps your attention. I have since ordered his lathe videos and will order more as I can. Gary

Reviewer: Charles F.

I'm a user of Sherline, so very little of this was applicable to me. However, the presentation was clear and precise, and I still found a number of helpful hints, and saw things that a book never would have communicated as well.

Reviewer: Tom E.

This was a very usefull video. I'm taking a machine shop class at a local technical high school's continuing ed program, and this video was a good addition. The pace of the video is geared towards someone who's somewhat familiar with metalworking machines. He does not explain all the terms he uses and a couple of drawings on a whiteboard would have been useful sometimes, particularly to explain climb milling vs conventional milling.

Here's the table of contents of the video: Introduction Parts of the Mill Trueing the Head Mounting the Vise Tooling Face Milling Cutting a Bevel End Mills Fly Cutters Part Locating Drilling Holes Tapping Holes Boring head Super Spacer Dividing Head Rotary Table

For most chapters he actually machines a part and shows close ups of the part being machined. The last 3 chapters were trickier, he should have used an actual part in the rotary table instead of just saying "then you would do this, then that". Again, no complaints about most chapters, just the last two. The video is about 1.5 hours, and he covers a lot of stuff. Definitely worth watching.

Reviewer: William C.

The DVD I saw was the introduction to the Bridgeport Milling Machine. Overall, I liked it and am grateful for SmartFlix making these available. This DVD tries to cover quite a bit of ground, so it moves pretty fast and lacks close up photos and detailed explanations of the set-ups and mechanical details of the machine. The contrast is very apparent if you are used to Rudy K's very detailed style. My only true complaint is that the audio quality is lacking and the instructor sometimes used incorrect terminology like calling the quill the "ram." These are small things and the DVD really does a good job showing a wide range of operations in a short time. This one gets a B to B+ from me, while I would rate the Bridgeport DVD from the professional gunsmith an A.

Reviewer: Bill R.

Like the others who reviewed this, I would have liked some closeups. I also find that videos produced by having a person go through all the steps in front of the camera and then doing a voice-over to explain what's going on are better than those which, like this one, try to have one guy running the machine and talking at the same time. It makes for a somewhat disconcerting lack of regular pace in the speech.

Reviewer: James D.

I liked the video. I would have preferred a little more depth of detail, but I'm satisfied with the content.

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