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Standard Deviants- Organic Chemistry

...with Standard Deviants

Science: Biology & Chemistry how-to video: Standard Deviants- Organic Chemistry by Standard Deviants Review this video!

Organic Chemistry Disc 1

First, the Standard Deviants begin with an overview of Organic Chemistry, starting with What in the world is this stuff' If your chemistry knowledge is as fuzzy as an electron cloud, don't worry! The Standard Deviants review all the chemistry background you need to know.

(about 140 minutes)

Organic Chemistry Disc 2

The Standard Deviants continue their examination of the inner structure of the atom. Topic include organic reactions, reaction mechanism, homolytic cleavage, heterolytic cleavage, radicals, ions, electrophiles, nucleophiles, reaction energy diagram, Markovnikov s Rule, energy minimum, energy maximum and transition state. Plus much more!

(about 166 minutes)

Organic Chemistry Disc 3

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW TO ACE ORGANIC CHEMISTRY IS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS: ELECTROPHILIC ADDITION REACTIONS, electrophile, nucleophile, addition of HX to an alkene, hydration reaction, carbocation, protonation, Markovnikov s Rule, halogen addition reaction, cis- and trans-isomers, syn addition, anti addition, bromonium ion, halohydrin formation reaction, oxymercuration reaction, anti-Markovnikov product, hydroboration / oxidation reaction, reduction reaction, hydrogenation reaction, oxidation reaction, hydroxylation reaction, ozonolysis reaction, carbonyl group, formaldehyde, aldehyde, ketone oxidative cleavage reaction, carboxylic acid, ALKYNES, naming alkynes, alkyne addition reactions, halogen addition with alkynes, addition of a haloacid to an alkyne, mercuric ion-catalyzed hydration, reaction, enol-ketone tautomerization, hydroboration/oxidation of alkynes, hydrogenation of alkynes, oxidative cleavage of alkynes, dissolving metal reduction

(about 120 minutes)

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