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Threads Fitting DVD Series

...with Amber Eden and Judith Neukam

Sewing how-to video: Threads Fitting DVD Series by Amber Eden and Judith Neukam 4_bulb Review this video!

Torso: Disc 1

This 4-part video series was created by the Threads magazine staff based on requests from readers who know the importance of fitting. This series shows, step-by-step, exactly how to achieve a fit that's just right from top to bottom and it includes: step-by-step instruction all-new content timeless techniques 4 essential fitting topics Torso -- Discover the ins and outs of a great fit from neck to waist. Amber Eden, Editor in Chief and Judith Neukam, Senior Technical Editor, walk you through the finer points of achieving a custom fit. Plus, you'll get expert advice from N.Y.C. fashion designer Kenneth D. King.

Arms: Disc 2

Arms -- Learn the secrets of fitting a sleeve with ease.

Bust: Disc 3

Bust -- Drape and shape for a fit that flatters every body type.

Waist & Hips: Disc 4

Waist & Hips -- Custom-fit or alter pants and skirts like a pro.

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Customer Reviews

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Reviewer: Sondra R.

This was an OK series. It gave a lot of good bare bones basic information but I REALLY wanted to see even some examples of how to trouble shoot what the problem is. How can I tell if the sleep cap is too short versus the armscye being too far forward/back? That sort of thing is, for the most part, completely missing. There was a tiny mention of some troubleshooting, but it was all verbal with no examples to help train and educate the eyes. Again, good foundation information but not overly useful for those looking to really step up their fit-quality game.

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