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College Chemistry II - Set 2

...with Dr. Sandra Y. Etheridge

Science: Biology & Chemistry how-to video: College Chemistry II - Set 2 by Dr. Sandra Y. Etheridge Review this video!

Discs 5-8 COLLEGE CHEMISTRY II addresses additional theories on acid-base chemistry, various equilibria, electrochemistry, oxidation-reduction, kinetics, thermodynamics, and nuclear chemistry. These topics are all addressed at the college level, with the understanding that students have some chemistry background. Those students with no chemistry background at all should consider Fundamentals of Chemistry prior to undertaking a college-level chemistry course. Emphasis is placed on problem solving and the use of a logical approach to these solutions. Gagne and Briggs Nine Instructional Events are utilized throughout the presentation. The Chemistry Professor gets the student’s attention, states the goals and objectives to be addressed, reminds students of something they have already experienced or seen, presents the material, guides the learning, elicits performance, provides feedback, enhances retention, and determines progress. College Chemistry II is presented on thirteen DVDs, which contain a total of 52 lessons of 30 minutes duration each and accompanied by its note-guide. The program is designed for college students who may need further assistance with their first-year college chemistry courses and for professors who could benefit from refresher lessons. The Chemistry Professor never tires of repeating explanations when the student desires or pausing to permit the student time to think and make notes. The program is ideal for students reviewing for national exams such as MCAT, DAT, VAT, etc., who wish to have the expertise of a chemistry professional guide their studies. Because this is a complete course, students may pick and choose the topics for which they feel the greatest need of assistance. Students enrolled in advanced placement programs may find this an invaluable tool. The program is an aid for high school teachers who may wish to refresh their backgrounds prior to or during their instruction of honors or advanced placement courses. Teachers who may be uncertain about their own background may find this an easy review of topics It also helps the high school teacher understand the topics college professors will most likely address in their own classes.

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