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Log Building 2nd series

...with B. Allan Mackie

Housebuilding how-to video: Log Building 2nd series by B. Allan Mackie 5_bulb Review this video!

Building with Logs 4: Basic Building

This video demonstrates a basic saddle notch practice technique and shows the complete procedure for placing a log on the building.<br>* Practice notch<br>* Saddle notch<br>* Start scribe<br>* Cut notches<br>* Cut groove<br>* Scarf<p>

(about 60 minutes)

Building with Logs 5: Other Notches I

Step-by-step instructions for the Blind Dovetail Notch, Lock Notch and Square Notch<br>* Blind dovetail 1<br>* Blind dovetail 2<br>* Lock notch<br>* Square notch

(about 60 minutes)

Building with Logs 6: Other Notches II

Step-by-step instructions for the Round Notch, Blind Wall Notch, Dovetail Notch and Post Notch<br>* Round Notch<br>* Modified round notch<br>* Blind Wall Notch<br>* Dovetail notch<br>* Post notch

(about 60 minutes)

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Reviewer: Lynda M.

The whole series is a must if your planning on building your own cabin. They are excellent in showing every detail.

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