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Peggy Sagers Sewing Tips and Techniques

...with Peggy Sagers

Clothing how-to video: Peggy Sagers Sewing Tips and Techniques by Peggy Sagers 5_bulb Review this video!

Success From the Start

Three things to know before you start sewing Learn the three most useful bits of information everyone should know before they start sewing, from a fashion industry expert Peggy Sagers, who designs patterns for Silhouettes Patterns. 1. Know the difference between fit and style 2. Know how to easily use the French curve 3. Know what you like about your clothes and how to duplicate what you like The information is current and will help you get through your pattern work faster. By working faster, you will save money on all your sewing and be happier with the end results.

(about 43 minutes)

Basic Pattern Making

Gain the basic knowledge and begin to understand fitting problems as they are related to patterns Once you understand the basis of how patterns are made, confusing and aggravating fitting problems will become manageable, if not simple. Listen and watch as Peggy Sagers, for Silhouettes Patterns, demonstrates how easy it is to change armholes and necklines along with other fitting problems. 125 minute DVD of valuable information for the home or professional seamstress.

(about 125 minutes)

Pants Fitting & Drafting

Unlike any other pants fitting techniques, this 46 minute DVD was created for women who want to wear great fitting pants. It teaches you among other things, how the pants pattern is made from the skirt block. Host Peggy Sagers for Silhouettes demonstrates the easy way to correct all of the fitting problems patterns seem to create.

(about 46 minutes)

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Customer Reviews

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Reviewer: Sylvia P.

This is a very good video for basic pattern making. Very clear and easy to follow and understand. Great for anyone interested in learning to design or make their own patterns.

SP in Tacoma, WA

Reviewer: Michelle W.

I really enjoyed this video as it showed me how to use my french curve ruler in more ways. If you have to alter patterns this also would be good as it would show you how to adjust your cutting lines after an alteration.

This video also focused on the basic sloper for a person and how to change dart movement to make a garment look different. For example if you did not like the placement of the bust dart Peggy showed you how to change it to a French Dart.

The video also teaches you the beginning of pattern drafting by using tape measurements and turn them into flat pattern construction. She also goes over ease in the garmet when you draft the pattern.

There are parts of this I would have to review again to grasp the full concept of patternmaking, but I am not an advanced sewer. I would not recommend this to someone just learning the basics. It is a very good, detailed video by Peggy Sagers. Also, she always includes her phone number in case you have more questions regarding her videos and her pattern line.

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