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The Making of Jester, Vol. 2

...with Alex Alvarez

Maya how-to video: The Making of Jester, Vol. 2 by Alex Alvarez Review this video!

The Making of Jester, Vol 2, Disc 1

Volume Two covers character texturing and shading using Photoshop, ZBrush, Bodypaint and Maya, as well as environment creation, lighting and the final composite of the print-res image in Photoshop. Jester's 2D line- drawing design does not specify material properties, therefore Alex explores different looks for the various components, settling on weathered leather, metal, cloth and skin. By layering, color correcting and painting over photographic textures, Alex arrives at a photoreal result where each component has its own custom color, bump and specular map. With the character complete, the environment is then designed and created on the fly using Maya and Photoshop for some quick paint- overs to guide the direction. Throughout the making of Jester, Alex shares and explains every step of the process, both technical and aesthetic, making this an invaluable resource for both students and professionals. What is covered on Disc 1 BodyPaint / Maya Set-up Texturing, Part 1 Texturing, Part 2 Texturing, Part 3 Texturing, Part 4 Texturing, Part 5 Texturing, Part 6 Texturing, Part 7 Texturing, Part 8 Texturing, Part 9

(about 540 minutes)

The Making of Jester, Vol 2, Disc 2

What is covered on Disc 2 Texturing, Part 10 Texturing, Part 11 Texturing, Part 12 The Environment, Part 1 The Environment, Part 2 The End is Near, Part 1 The End is Near, Part 2

(about 540 minutes)

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