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The Making of Jester, Vol. 1

...with Alex Alvarez

Maya how-to video: The Making of Jester, Vol. 1 by Alex Alvarez 5_bulb Review this video!

The Making of Jester, Vol 1, Disc 1

This making of demonstration and lecture series began with the decision to take a personal sketch, develop it in 3D and produce a life-size print. This would require the development of high-resolution detail and textures that could hold up to a 4000x6000 pixel render, effectively making Jester a film-res character. Watch and listen to Alex as he shares his workflow, thought process and techniques. Volume One covers the character modeling process using Maya and ZBrush, as well as some lighting, composition and texture exploration. Alex begins by creating an organized base mesh in Maya that accurately follows the 2D design. Using UVlayout, he flattens the UVs of the multiple basemesh components. Jester is then imported into ZBrush for sculpting and detailing. We give some thought as to the resolution for each subtool that should be sent to Maya and export them with normal maps generated in Zmapper. Once in Maya, the shader networks are blocked-out so that Jester renders in Maya with the same level of detail that he had in ZBrush. The final step prior to texturing is to then create a Photoshop color study that will guide our further progress on the character. What is covered on Disc 1 Overview Base Mesh, Part 1 Base Mesh,Part 2 Base Mesh, Part 3 Base Mesh, Part 4 UV Layout, Part 1 UV Layout, Part 2 UV Layout, Part 3

(about 540 minutes)

The Making of Jester, Vol 1, Disc 2

What is covered on Disc 2 Composition/Lighting Sculpting in ZBrush, Part 1 Sculpting in ZBrush, Part 2 Sculpting in ZBrush, Part 3 Maya Shader Set-up Photoshop Color Study

(about 540 minutes)

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Customer Reviews

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Reviewer: Charles J.

Alex really delivers on this DVD set. Do yourself a favor and rent both discs. Most of you know it is nearly impossible to get a creative gig in the effects and animation industries.The information is worth thousands of dollars and his insight and experience is worth a million in my opinion. You will gain so much knowledge with these discs and will point you in the right direction.

Reviewer: Gail E.

Gnomon Workshop provides rich examples of artwork and excellent raining in 3D. Making of Jester is an excellent way to learn pipeline and raise the bar for your own work.

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