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In the Studio with...Zhaoming Wu - Solitude

...with Zhaoming Wu

Painting: Oil how-to video: In the Studio with...Zhaoming Wu - Solitude  by Zhaoming Wu 4_bulb Review this video!

"While our Western art culture disintegrated into abstraction and paint thrown on canvases with no content, the Russians and Chinese continued the study and practice of classical painting. With the easing of tensions between China and the West, many of the Chinese, trained in the classical style practiced by the Russians, immigrated to the United States and brought their long-lost expertise to America.<br> <br> Zhaoming Wu is one of those artists, whose knowledge and talents merge into a convoluted path from the Nineteenth Century Masters down to us, today. He is currently one of the most valued faculty members of the San Francisco Academy of Art, and he instructs and mentors artists in the graduate program in representative painting and drawing."

(about 280 minutes)

This video was added to our catalog on January 01, 2000 in Arts & Crafts::Painting: Oil.

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Customer Reviews

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Reviewer: kathy f.

Excellent video. He is a true master. He is sometimes difficult to understand but there are subtitles. It starts a little slow, but you can learn a lot from watching him paint. Wonderful quality video.

Reviewer: Dennis Y.

I had been awaiting the Zhaoming Wu DVD for a couple of months and I was thrilled to get it in the mail. Sorry to say, and perhaps this just reflects on my poor ear or impatience, but ..... I was distracted from the painting demonstration by my difficulty in following the gentleman's Chinese accent. He was dubbed in English sometimes but not all the time, which would have worked out better. This would have been a greater disappointment had I purchased the DVD. Overall, this man's art is beautiful..

Reviewer: Gaye S.

An outstanding DVD! It was well worth the wait.

Reviewer: Francis C.

Excellent video. As stated he is difficult to understand but he makes some very good points if you are willing to make the extra effort to understand him.

Reviewer: Barbara J.

I'm pretty impatient as well, but watched much of the video on 2X speed - it was actually easier to understand at times! Not my favorite painting, but did follow the entire process from preliminary sketch to completion.

Reviewer: Laura A.

Great instruction, a little hard to understand but worth renting. He explains the four stages of his painting process. Wow... puts his brushes in water to keep them from drying out.

Reviewer: Phillip W.

Exceptionally informative, especially in understanding his remarkable brushwork and creation of glowing light....

Reviewer: Charlotte M.

This was a huge disappointment. I thought it would be about painting a figure. However the only human anatomy shown was part of an upper arm and part of a foot. The video was devoted to painting a pile of white rags in the right corner of the canvas. C.L.M

Reviewer: Tomiko B.

His English was little hard to understand. Otherwise he explains precisely his methods and his technique and what he wants with his painting. The painting was done beautifully. I learned a lot.

Reviewer: Nathaniel E.

His accent was difficult to understand, which is a pity because he has very important and useful things to say. He has a great skill in painting and describing his thoughts as he paints. Wu speaks with in a focus, direct, and disciplined manner that most definitely inspired me. Worth the rental

Reviewer: charles m.

Having been an admirer of Zhaoming Wu for some time, I knew that a painting video by him would have to be good, even being aware that some previous viewers had trouble understanding him. My response to that is "just watch him paint - that's all you have to do!" I personally had no trouble understanding him. In addition, I thought the camerawork was well done. A very, very informative film about an extremely talented artist. I have been enthusiastically telling all my artist friends about it. This is one of the first videos I have rented from your site and I will be recommending it as a quality alternative to the much more expensive artist workshops. Thank you very much. Charles Morris

Reviewer: Richard W.

Outstanding master-level video. I highly recommend it to serious artists.

Reviewer: Martine V.

I agree with the last review. It was a very informative DVD, even for advanced painters. Nothing is forgotten, how to treat the photo reference, the palette, the brushes, the composition, the design, the support and the medium, etc. I don't understand why English speaking people have so much difficulty understanding Mr.Wu. I'm primarily French and I understood all what he said! Even if my brain had to translate to English at the same time!

So please, make an effort and listen carefully, if I can understand, everyone can, I assure you!

Congratulations Mr. Wu, you really did the job!

Reviewer: Norbert K.

I enjoyed the video very much - I would like to see more from him.

Thank You!

Reviewer: carol l.

Oh my gosh.. Zhaoming Wu is a genius. Definitely rent this video.. I wish I could afford to buy it - it is so fantastic. Some people had some difficulty with his speech. Honestly language was no barrier he was really easily understood. And his painting speaks for itself. The work is one of the finest paintings I've ever seen in all my years. The camera work was impeccable. He is a slow painter and offers some excellent instruction and reasoning for what he is doing. This DVD taught me so much..even though I viewed it 3x I wish that I had kept it to re-rent for another 2 weeks at least. It's stunning and the finished painting is beyond magnificent. Carol L.

Reviewer: Jean G.

This was an exceptionally good video. I rent a lot of videos and this is one of the best.

Reviewer: Gail G.

Would like more of his videos. Easy to follow with good instruction and examples of light and shadow, line, soft and hard.

Reviewer: Deborah J.

My son and I are professional artists. We have rented many films and are particularly fond of Richard Schmid. Mr. Wu's work is almost as good and his explanation and demo of the alla prima approach is somehow better than Schmid's. The subject was not the best and the browns on the palette appeared gray other than that we learned a great deal from the film and recommend it as one of the best !!

Reviewer: lin w.

Great instruction, a little hard to understand but worth renting. He explains the four stages of his painting process. Wow... puts his brushes in water to keep them from drying out.

Reviewer: Pavel G.

This is an excellent video if you want to see the process of thinking, approach, and all the steps necessary to achieve a great painting. I highly recommend it and the painting is beautiful. Covers all aspects of painting.

Reviewer: Carmen S.

He blew me away!

He explains the 4 step process he goes through.

First, his thought process and design process. He creates a little Notan/Value, and eye direction towards the focal point. Then, the 2 dementional painting, followed by 3D and more details toward the focal points and lastly the final stages.

I could not believe how much detail and careful consideration he takes when painting this painting. It was beautiful. He really blew me away. As he paints he lets you know the process he is taking and why he is doing it. So he has an accent, you get the general idea of what he means by watching him. This video is almost 5 hours long, so I had to divide me watching him.

Awesome video!

Reviewer: Alesia R.

I absolutely LOVED this video!! Zhaoming is a Living Master in my eyes. His process is based on a lifetime of honing his visual skills. He begins with the abstract elements of the visual arts: the placement of lines, big shapes, value relationships and shows how to create from these simple elements, a living, breathing figure! The process is not easy, as he uses his experience and talent to solve problems and make decisions that all contribute to a very successful work of art that conveys the mood and feelings that he aspires to as he works from a photo reference and images on his computer screen. I recommend this video to all levels of proficiency - from beginners to advanced artists, there is much to learn watching Zhaomomg! I will rent it again!

Reviewer: E.F. S.

Great concepts on oil painting. Instructor is very adept at explaining the big picture in terms of painting.

Reviewer: Jackie L.

I had a challenge understanding the Japanese accent in the beginning, but that improved as the lesson went on. The instruction was very good, he covered a lot of ground, and I particularly liked his arrangement of the subject. All around, a good DVD program.

Reviewer: Martha M.

I found the DVD In the Studio with Zhaoming Wu - Solitude to be excellent. I liked that you could observe every brush stroke and his explanation of his painting process. Being that it was 4 1/2 hours long it felt a little rushed to have to send it back in one week's time. I would definitely recommend it.

Reviewer: Bob B.

Excellent video, great artist, superb teacher! Some say they can't understand his English very well. I had a deaf teacher of art, who could barely make a sound, but he taught us by practical demonstrations, and I must say I have leaned by watching more than by listening. In fact, there's almost nothing to talk about it, as if it were Art History or Aesthetics. Practical examples is what matters most, and for that I am grateful to Mr. Wu for his great heart. Godspeed!

Reviewer: Tania S.

Excellent video! I watched it twice. His accent was tough at first but I quickly got use to of it and I could understand him just fine. He gives several good points. I took notes both times. The second time I realized I missed a few things the first time. I really enjoyed this video and his work is so amazing.

Reviewer: nadum k.

A great explanation of technical colors,its just wonderful!

Reviewer: Lorraine M.

This DVD was really good! His explanations on how he approaches a painting and all of the elements he considers in designing it were very clear. It was a pleasure to watch his brush apply the paint as this beautiful atmospheric painting developed. I learned a lot!

Reviewer: Arminee S.

It was a little hard to understand Wu's commentary but his demo was excellent. I learned some of the finer point of oil painting.

Reviewer: Hector L.

You need closed captions to understand this artists. What I love the most...He has so much self confidence he behaves as if his English is spot on! I have read most of the reviews and I can tell none are professional painters. This man has created a following and his fan base adulate him. Yes he is talented but not extraordinary...I find many flaws in his rendering mainly he is not putting down what he sees...He is creating his own color scheme...Sargent would be appalled. This is not his best. I believe the greatest lesson for anyone looking for a simple tutorial on painting a head should rent Morgan Weistling's In the Studio with Morgan Weistling disc 3. He takes a side bar and shows how simple it is to do a full value scale portrait. Other good DVDs are Lajos Markos, Richard Schmid's Captain's portait. John Howard Sanden Painting the Head in one sitting, and maybe Drawing the head in oil by Johnnie Liliedahl..many of her videos are great for the beginner (understanding color solutions and ethnic fleshtone for example).

Reviewer: Beverly B.

This is an excellent DVD for advanced painters.

Reviewer: Daniel F.

Pretty good DVD, but the painting is mostly hair and a sheet draped on the model, so if you are looking for help with painting skin and faces, try a different DVD.

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