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Knitting Korner - Socks

...with Nenah Galati

Knitting how-to video: Knitting Korner - Socks by Nenah Galati 3_bulb Review this video!

Sock I: How to Knit Socks On 2 Circular Needles

Socks are basically a small and simple project, except for a few places where a visual sovles all the confusion. Nenah guarantees that if you know how to knit and purl she can share with you the wonderful work of knitting socks. This DVD makes the process seem simple and easy.

Sock II: How To Knit Two Socks at the SAME TIME

Second sock syndrome. can't seem to get to it. Nenah solves that problem in this DVD she walks you through all the steps necessary to knit two socks at the same time on the same circular needles that you used for one, using a short row heel instead of a gussetted heel. When you are done the socks are ready to go on your feet!

This video was added to our catalog on January 01, 2000 in Arts & Crafts::Knitting.

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Customer Reviews

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Reviewer: Pamela T.

After renting the first Knitting Socks DVD and being able to finally master the socks on two circular needles technique, I was expecting the same quality of instruction from the second. After waiting over a month, I was very excited to eventually receive it. I immediately put it into the player and sat down to learn this technique. I was sorely disappointed.

Like the first DVD in this series, you do NOT receive the written instructions and she refers to them frequently. I was hoping for a "toe up" sock which is what is shown in many of the knit two socks at once books out there now. As I am more of a visual learner, I was hoping to learn this technique, but it is your standard cuff down sock. Her "rapid knitting" consists of the screen going blank and she comes back and the part that she was showing you how to do has been done - NOT helpful when you are trying to learn the "wrap" method for doing the short heel. More helpful would have been to have made the DVD just that much longer since it then skips from that to the toes and she covered that in the previous DVD and states in this one that she assumes that you already know how to knit on two circular needles. If that's the case, then I wish she had spent more time on the new stuff, but she doesn't. She really just breezes along and past alot of important stuff, not taking the time truly necessary for you to learn the techniques.

The heel of the sock looks stupid to my mind with the garter stitch that she uses - not like a real sock at all which should be done in all stockinette.

On a "picky" note, I found the smudge in her fingernail polish on her thumb to be somewhat distracting and unprofessional - silly I know, but I couldn't stop looking at it. If you know the camera is going to be on your hands 98 percent of the time, then get a good manicure!

One would do better to take a class at their local yarn shop if they have one that offers it, or buy one of the books out there that covers this, or even scour the internet for instructions and muddle through them. I found this one to be a waste of my time.

Reviewer: Jeanette M.

Nenah is a very good teacher if you knit continental, (I don’t, so it was confusing to me). Her hands sometimes got in the way, also I thought she knitted to fast. I also thought her bright nail polish was distracting

Reviewer: Gwen P.

This DVD is a must for learning to knit socks on two circular needles.

Dealing with Smartflix was easy. Sure helped me as I would have had to pay a lot more to buy this DVD than it was to rent it. A great site for those DVD that are not rentable by others.

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