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Introduction to Chemistry - Set One

...with Dr. Sandra Y. Etheridge

Science: Biology & Chemistry how-to video: Introduction to Chemistry - Set One by Dr. Sandra Y. Etheridge Review this video!

INTRODUCTION TO CHEMISTRY teaches those topics commonly found in high school chemistry classes that encompass one or two years of study. The difference in the classic textbook mode of instruction and the approach used by the Chemistry Professor is the manner in which the subject is taught. Chemistry is a vibrant subject, a subject filled with light and action and colors and excitement; a subject that begs to be taught by the Points of Inquiry method. Responses to the inquiries require thorough explanation of the subject in order for the answers to those questions generating the excitement to be understood clearly.<br> <br> The essential topics are addressed: measurements, calculations, matter, energy, elements, compounds, nomenclature, equations, types of reactions, the mole, stoichiometry, atomic theory, the periodic table, bonding theory, gases, liquids, solids, solutions, acids, bases, equilibrium, radioactivity, oxidation-reduction, and a very brief introduction to organic chemistry. These topics are all addressed at the beginning level of chemistry with a view to preparing students who may need to take college chemistry at a later date. Emphasis is placed on problem solving and the use of a logical approach to these solutions.

(about 1920 minutes)

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