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The Great Ideas of Psychology

...with Professor Daniel N. Robinson

Social Science how-to video: The Great Ideas of Psychology by Professor Daniel N. Robinson Review this video!

A complete and throughly entertaining set, these DVDs will lead you through discoveries of one of the most complex systems known to mad – the human mind. Learn about why Aristotle believed that a moralistic civic life is the condition preceding personal psychic flourishing, how the brain can “rewire� itself to make up for certain kinds of trauma at an early age, why some survivors of a rare condition known as hydrocephali are still able to function like normal people even though they've lost as much as 40% of their brain mass, how a Stanford psychologist studied “being sane in insane places� by getting himself committed to a mental institution, and several other mind-blowing facts and happenings. <p> This set is as entertaining as it is educational. Sit back and enjoy as Professor Robinson takes you on a wild ride deep into the mysteries of the human mind.

(about 5760 minutes)

This video was added to our catalog on January 01, 2000 in Academic::Social Science.

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