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Biological Anthroplogy: An Evolutionary Perspective

...with Barbara J. King

Science: Biology & Chemistry how-to video: Biological Anthroplogy: An Evolutionary Perspective by Barbara J. King Review this video!

This fascinating topic is explored in great detail by Dr. Barbara J. King, who gives an excellent presentation on what evolution is, and its effects on our earth and race, from ancient times to present day. <p> Dr. King covers such topics and questions as: Are the great apes a unique break point from the past because they can understand other beings' mental states? Did we cause the demise of the Neandertals? Did modern Homosapiens evolve completely on the African continent, replacing other hominid forms as they spread out through Asia and Europe? Or did they evolve simultaneously and in the same direction on all three continents? Did hunting and its requirements for cooperation and intelligence make us human? What is the part played by our evolution in determining social hierarchy, gender roles, obesity, and morning sickness in pregnancy? What is important for us to know about evolution and its effects on the human race today?

(about 3200 minutes)

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