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The Great Ideas of Philosophy

...with Professor Daniel N. Robinson

Social Science how-to video: The Great Ideas of Philosophy by Professor Daniel N. Robinson 4_bulb Review this video!

The Great Ideas of Philosophy 1

Answers to long- and still-asked questions are examined and explored through the greatest thinkers of all time. Learn about debates and their outcomes, and the links between the thoughts of the following influential philosophers: Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Augustine, Erasmus, Bacon, Descartes, Newton, Hobbes, Locke, Hume, Kant, Hegel, Nietzsche, Mill, Darwin, Marx, Freud, James, Wittgenstein, and Turing, plus many more. <p> What You'll Find in Great Ideas of Philosophy, 2nd Edition<br> 1. From the Upanishads to Homer<br> 2. Philosophy--Did the Greeks Invent It?<br> 3. Pythagoras and the Divinity of Number<br> 4. What Is There?<br> 5. The Greek Tragedians on Man's Fate<br> 6. Herodotus and the Lamp of History<br>

(about 180 minutes)

The Great Ideas of Philosophy 2

7. Socrates on the Examined Life<p> 8. Plato's Search for Truth<p> 9. Can Virtue Be Taught?<p> 10. Plato's Republic--Man Writ Large<p> 11. Hippocrates and the Science of Life<p> 12. Aristotle on the Knowable<p>

(about 180 minutes)

The Great Ideas of Philosophy 3

13. Aristotle on Friendship<p> 14. Aristotle on the Perfect Life<p> 15. Rome, the Stoics, and the Rule of Law<p> 16. The Stoic Bridge to Christianity<p> 17. Roman Law--Making a City of the Once-Wide World<p> 18. The Light Within--Augustine on Human Nature<p>

(about 180 minutes)

The Great Ideas of Philosophy 4

19. Islam<p> 20. Secular Knowledge--The Idea of University<p> 21. The Reappearance of Experimental Science<p> 22. Scholasticism and the Theory of Natural Law<p> 23. The Renaissance--Was There One?<p> 24. Let Us Burn the Witches to Save Them<p>

(about 180 minutes)

The Great Ideas of Philosophy 5

25. Francis Bacon and the Authority of Experience<p> 26. Descartes and the Authority of Reason<p> 27. Newton--The Saint of Science<p> 28. Hobbes and the Social Machine<p> 29. Locke's Newtonian Science of the Mind<p> 30. No matter? Never mind! The Challenge of Materialism<p>

(about 180 minutes)

The Great Ideas of Philosophy 6

31. Hume and the Pursuit of Happiness<p> 32. Thomas Reid and the Scottish School<p> 33. France and the Philosophes<p> 34. The Federalist Papers and the Great Experiment<p> 35. What Is Enlightenment? Kant on Freedom<p> 36. Moral Science and the Natural World<p>

(about 180 minutes)

The Great Ideas of Philosophy 7

37. Phrenology--A Science of the Mind<p> 38. The Idea of Freedom<p> 39. The Hegelians and History<p> 40. The Aesthetic Movement--Genius<p> 41. Nietzsche at the Twilight<p> 42. The Liberal Tradition--J.S. Mill<p>

(about 180 minutes)

The Great Ideas of Philosophy 8

43. Darwin and Nature's "Purposes"<p> 44. Marxism--Dead but Not Forgotten<p> 45. The Freudian World<p> 46. The Radical William James<p> 47. William James's Pragmatism<p> 48. Wittgenstein and the Discursive Turn<p>

(about 180 minutes)

The Great Ideas of Philosophy 9

49. Alan Turing in the Forest of Wisdom<p> 50. Four Theories of the Good Life<p> 51. Ontology--What There "Really" Is<p> 52. Philosophy of Science--The Last Word?<p> 53. Philosophy of Psychology and Related Confusions<p> 54. Philosophy of Mind, If There Is One<p>

(about 180 minutes)

The Great Ideas of Philosophy 10

55. What makes a Problem "Moral"<p> 56. Medicine and the Value of Life<p> 57. On the Nature of Law<p> 58. Justice and Just Wars<p> 59. Aesthetics--Beauty Without Observers<p> 60. God--Really?<p>

(about 180 minutes)

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Customer Reviews

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Very good general introduction to philosophy. However, there is so much information that it may take more than just one viewing to appreciate the series. In my opinion, it is taught at the graduate level so if you have absolutely no base knowledge of philosophy, it may be helpful to read some primers!

Overall, the entire series is very interesting and held my attention. If you have any interest at all in philosophy, you'll likely enjoy these DVDs.

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