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Argumentation: The Study of Effective Reasoning

...with Professor David Zarefsky, Northwestern University

Social Science how-to video: Argumentation: The Study of Effective Reasoning by Professor David Zarefsky, Northwestern University 5_bulb Review this video!

Join Professor David Zarefsky, the Owen L. Coon Professor of Argumentation and Debate and Professor of Communication at Northwestern University, as he presents methods and concepts on both argument and reasoning. In this course, the viewer will learn how to reason, how to persuade others that what you think is correct, how to judge and answer the arguments of others, and how they will judge yours. <p> In the first section of the DVD, Professor Zarefsky informs viewers that the tools and rules of formal logic are generally not used in arguing contestable issues. Though they are important and relevant for mathematics and programming computers, this course shows more practical techniques for solving and winning real-world arguments. Next, Professor Zarefsky teaches the viewer how to divide the argument into three separate sections. He also professes that nearly all arguments can be categorized into a few categories, making it easy to use and reuse his tactical advice on similar arguments. <p> Learn the secrets of the three different kinds of supporting data and evidence, and how each can be used to argue a point and win. Learn to utilize 5 different ways of linking evidence to a claim. All of the information on this DVD is shown in examples that will make understanding each concept simple. Professor Zarefsky's experience and knowledge on the subject will make this course enjoyable and compelling for viewers of all ages. <p> Some of the technical topics you will see Professor Zarefsky focusing on are: law, science, management, ethics, and religion; all common subjects for reasoning and arguing.

(about 720 minutes)

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Customer Reviews

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Reviewer: Michael G.

If you are hoping to quickly learn a few pointers in the first 30 minutes that will make you invincible at arguing with people, then this DVD series is not for you. It is a comprehensive college-level lecture that digs deeply into the history of argumentation, as well as explaining every detail of what makes a good argument. The speaker is very articulate, and his enthusiasm for the subject matter kept me listening and learning during the many hours of lecturing that he does on the subject. I recommend this course for someone who wants more than just a cursory overview of the subject matter.

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