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FormZ Training DVD

...with Technical Animations & Videos

Design & Modeling how-to video: FormZ Training DVD by Technical Animations & Videos 5_bulb Review this video!

FormZ Training: Disc 1

Whether you are a beginner without previous Form Z experience, or an advanced user who wants to work with greater speed, accuracy, and creativity, this DVD set is for you! Utilizing a workshop methodology, Cameron Crockett leads students through each section featuring a specific set of tool functions while he carefully explains the practical use for each. Rather than a simple "here is the tool" description, the DVD's provide detailed examples of how to use Form Z in a practical and efficient manner, emphasizing the "go-to" tools for 3d creations. Cameron Crockett's relationship with Form Z both as a designer and instructor spans over 12 years. He has utilized the vast potential of Form Z in such fields as Architecture, Set, Industrial, Interior, Product, and Game Design. DVD 1 Introduction Setup & Introduction to FormZ Geometric Transformations, 2D Line Work, Constraints

(about 88 minutes)

FormZ Training: Disc 2

DVD 2 covers: Booleans 3D Space

(about 102 minutes)

FormZ Training: Disc 3

DVD 3 covers: Topology, Object Snaps, Derivatives-1, Sections Insertions, Rounding, Metaballs

(about 102 minutes)

FormZ Training: Disc 4

DVD 4 covers: Derivatives-2, Relative Transformations Meshes Layers Patches & Nurbs

(about 112 minutes)

FormZ Training: Disc 5

DVD 5 covers: Rendering

(about 30 minutes)

FormZ Training: Disc 6

DVD 6 covers: Project: Container

(about 98 minutes)

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Customer Reviews

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Reviewer: gabe .

I plan to go through the entire FormZ...it's really good, and the teacher is enjoyable as well as very knowledgeable.

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