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Dean Collins: Live at Brooks Institute of Photography 1991

...with Dean Collins

Photography how-to video: Dean Collins: Live at Brooks Institute of Photography 1991 by Dean Collins 5_bulb Review this video!

If you've ever seen Dean Collins with his high energy lighting seminars, you've probably wished you could rewind and hear what he said again. Now you can and you can catch all the fine points you many have missed with this DVD remake of Dean's information packed seminar hosted by Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara in 1991. This program is the only professionally captured footage of Dean in action. Every working photographer, regardless of experience level, will benefit from the principles explained by a leader in photographic education. Even though we are in the digital imaging age, many of the lighting and processes of photography have not changed. See many of Dean’s amazing techniques for innovative tabletop photography, indoor and outdoor fashion, large set photography and much more. Dean Collins taught us to not only see the light, but to move it, bend it and most importantly control it, no matter where or when we were creating images. He was a brilliant educator and often referred to as the finest presenter in the industry. With a combination of wit and the ability to reduce complicated concepts to workable solutions, he was the “Dean� of Photographic Education.

(about 105 minutes)

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Customer Reviews

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Reviewer: Richard V.

As someone who has watched over a dozen DVDs on lighting and photography this is simply the finest title I have ever seen- even better than his 4 DVD series.

Here is Dean at his best- presenting lighting to the student body and faculty of the country's premier photography school. The presentation moves along at a good pace, and demonstrates how to have total control of any lighting situation. You'll find yourself watching this DVD several times.

While I preferred this to Dean's 4 DVD Best of series, I also recommend that title highly as well. Just drink plenty of coffee before hitting the play button as Dean is really wired up in that series :)

Reviewer: Dean S.

I used to own this video on VHS years ago when it first came out and loved it as much then as I did today when I watched it again after all these years.

Dean was a master teacher, educator and presenter and I was very sad to hear that he passed away in 2005. I had the chance to see him live in action a few times and it was some of the best and most exciting educational experiences that I've ever had. I tell people that watching Dean Collins live was like a religious experience for me.

If you want to improve your knowledge about lighting - how it works and how to manipulate it - rent this video. It'll change the way you think about lighting forever!

Reviewer: Bryan S.

Excellent! The best lighting video I've seen.

Reviewer: Derek R.

Dean at his best. Want to know how the master lights a shot? Watch this video!

Reviewer: Lonnie H.

Awesome DVD! Definitely worth it. What I like the most is how he breaks down each setup and shows you how he added each light to make the images pop. Highly recommended.

Reviewer: LAURENCE S.

This is an incredible instructional DVD. Amazingly, the lighting quality of Dean Collins on stage appears pretty bad, but don't let that deter you from watching this! I found the portion of lighting the background (with gels and no gels) and preventing bleed off from the background onto the subject very informative. I wish I had a copy of that table of f-stops he presented on how to create different background tones. That would be even more helpful now having seen the DVD.

His discussion on shooting wedding gowns and creating tonal ranges were quite informative.

I enjoyed the presentation of his setups along with the description as to the factors going on at the time.

He is very fast paced here and there is a level of expected knowledge of the viewer in the material covered. It is a DVD that one would desire to watch more than one time through.

Reviewer: Jerry G.

TONS of information. I mean TONS!!! The man could talk at rapid fire speed. It was all so second nature to him that he really flies through it. Unless you're really advanced, or even if you are, prepare have your remote handy so you stop and go over and over things. And be ready to take lots of notes!

I've now checked out 2 of his instructional DVDs and they're both great. The problem that I have with both is that they both require teams of people to help. I guess that's great if you're making loads of money per shoot. For my small purposes I wish I could find a video that just shows you how to use one reflector, and how to grab light and understand it at it's simplest. The diffusion screens and mirrors are fantastic, but how do I get a simple outdoor portrait without three guys involved? That's what I really want to learn. When I am hugely successful and can hire guys to help that may all change.

But the info that he has to impart is well worth the time and expense. And, no doubt, I'll be a better photographer and understand more about light because of this man. Thanks Smartflix for making him available to us.

Reviewer: wil s.

Dean is always entertaining and easy to listen to. Great conceptional info, and a process of problem solving that takes foggy thinking an puts it on a clear road to predictable results.

Reviewer: Scott S.

A must see for anyone interested in photographic lighting.

Reviewer: Douglas A.

A must view, the man is a genius. I plan on renting the other series after the holidays when I have more time.

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