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Kandy Painting Tricks & Special F/X

...with Craig Fraser & Dion Giuliano

Painting how-to video: Kandy Painting Tricks & Special F/X by Craig Fraser & Dion Giuliano 4_bulb Review this video!

Car Kustom masters Craig Fraser and Dion Giuliano demonstrate the top pro tricks of spraying Kandy. You'll learn how to use the House of Kolor urethane system, how to create kustom colors, underpainting, apply blue fine-line tape, taping varieties & techniques, laying out car graphics, use of Artool's bone, Skullmaster, & Cheetah stencils, proper air pressure, rendering a pearl effect, how to render freehand flames on a helmet, how to avoid streaks on an automotive surface, how to apply & troubleshoot metal flake paint, use of the agitator cup and much more.

(about 47 minutes)

This video was added to our catalog on January 01, 2000 in Vehicles::Painting.

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Customer Reviews

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Reviewer: Rick M.

Nice and FAST descriptions of technique but failed to even show the finished work in detail (up close) Guess this is more appropriate for the seasoned auto painter, but then why wouldn't he already know this stuff? Lighting for the video was terrible production was a 3 on a 1 to 10 scale. Be nice if he had shown more of the actual messed up results and why it went wrong! But then I guess that would not sit well with the self-proclaimed "best custom car" painters in the Country.

Reviewer: Dwayne M.

Outstanding dvd! Painting with candy colors isn't easy, but he makes it look simple.

Reviewer: Cam G.

Good as a short visual example of what they say in the books - "use good gun w/ 6" spread, overlap 75%, and maintain as exact a distance & speed as you can". The example projects are small and short, and they spend half their time covering tangents like masking technique and using metal flake and using brand-name stencils. A more detailed look at a straight one- or two-color full-car kandy job would be sweet - like how to pick a base color, how kandy's layer, when problems show up and how to correct them, etc - that'd be ideal, but none of that is covered here.


I was expecting more detailed instructions, more of the finishing product, and more time on the video. Everything was short and too fast, still, a good video to be more experienced in painting. On a scale from 1 to 10, this is "5".

Reviewer: armando m.

Too short video - I liked the info, however, they didn't show the finished results properly. They expressed themselves as if all the people know everything they know. I think they was in a hurry to make this video. Overall, I found this video some how interesting, on a scale from 1 to 10, it would be a 6.

Reviewer: John R.

The author is not very good at explaining techniques used in shooting Kandy. At the beginning of the DVD he shows a car that he is working on but never shows the end product or any spraying on the car at all. I give it a 5 at best.

Reviewer: Marc T.

great dvd lots to learn,good skill building exercises. Trick that very helpful in learning to airbrush.

Reviewer: John B.

Decent video, I agree with others that it just seemed to end abruptly without showing the final artwork. The instructions up to the point it ended were done very well and I got a lot of good tips. Its a good rental overall.

Reviewer: Robert B.

I love it- money well spent. I'll purchase any dvd lesson on Kandy Painting Tricks. I had so much success with my paint jobs. Thanks a lot.

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