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Complete Auto Upholstery - Diamond Pleating and Fitting Seat Covers

...with Vince Iacouzze

Decorating & Upholstery how-to video: Complete Auto Upholstery - Diamond Pleating and Fitting Seat Covers by Vince Iacouzze 3_bulb Review this video!

Covers: <p> # 50's Style top stitched diamonds # How to do tufting # How to do roll and pleat # What materials and tools your going to need

(about 120 minutes)

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Customer Reviews

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Reviewer: kandy s.

I loved them. Easy to follow instructions. Vince makes sure you understand fully step by step. I took lots of notes and can't want to get Set 2.

Reviewer: John H.

This video provided excellent framework for doing diamond tufting. The quality of the presentation is good and the thought process is easy to understand. Basic do's and don'ts and the reason for them are presented in a cohesive fashion. In addition, the video makes the procedures more approachable in terms of you willingness to proceed with a project. I will definitely rent more videos.

My experience with getting a replacement for a defective video was straightforward without hassle.

J Hardges

Reviewer: RON M.

I was beyond disappointed and would not recommend it to anyone; it was a wasted $50.00 for the whole series. I would have been better off buying a book for my money. This DVD was supposed to be a training course, unlike any training course I have ever seen. All Vince did was stand in a work shop and talk; he did not show the viewer how to do anything. When it was time to actually work on a piece Vince would say "I'll be right back" and voila magically the piece would appear and I might add not a very good piece at that! The way the course is described is not in my opinion what the viewer is getting. He never actually worked on a piece from start to finish. This course entailed a working knowledge of sewing, I'm not even sure Vince had a sewing machine. If I rent an instructional DVD that is suppose to teach me something I expect a step by step presentation from start to finish, otherwise I would not have rented it. The DVD’s should not be considered a “Complete Auto Upholstery Training Course” because it is not, it is misleading.

Reviewer: Thomas N.

Definitely low-budget production. Presenter works with his back to the camera at times.

Reviewer: Michael J. M.

This was informative, I learned a few pointers and the presentation was entertaining. Watching this will not instantly transform the viewer into a master upholsterer, but it is a video that can give you a good start.

Reviewer: Michael J. M.

This video was somewhat out of focus (at times) but generally there were more that a few good tricks of the trade that will be handy tips for undertaking this sort of project. Overall I can recommend the DVD. It is packed with information...and as long as you do not require a Hollywood presentation you won't be disappointed.

Reviewer: Paul F.

I'm sure he's a talented upholsterer, but I thought the session was poorly presented. It left a lot unanswered.


Reviewer: Frank H.

Terrible video - first video i did not learn a thing from.

Reviewer: JOSEPH R.

Worst Training videos I have ever seen. Waste of time and Money. Better off with an Upholstery book from a book store.

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