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How to Overhaul the Ford AOD Transmission

...with Kenneth Collins

Maintenance how-to video: How to Overhaul the Ford AOD Transmission by Kenneth Collins 5_bulb Review this video!

How to Overhaul the Ford AOD Transmission - Disc 1

This DVD set has more than four hours of detailed How To instructions on the Ford AOD transmission. The AOD was used in rear axle drive Ford cars and trucks from 1980 to 1991 (92 and 93 in trucks only). The tranny I used was from an 88 MarkVII which is a typical example of the AOD and changes made through the years are pointed out in the video. Although the film is geared to the novice, the AOD is an advanced designed unit with several special tools needed to overhaul it. Some prior transmission knowledge is recommended but with patients and eye to detail, the first timer can tackle it. I shot the video in a logical order of repair plus showing techniques, FYI tidbits, Hot Tips and as much misc. info I could think of. I've added chapters on clutch/band applications, explaining planetary operation and how to make throttle pressure adjustments.

(about 240 minutes)

How to Overhaul the Ford AOD Transmission - Disc 2

How to Overhaul the Ford AOD Transmission - Disc 3

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Customer Reviews

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Reviewer: harold h.

Excellent video. Good for the beginner and the almost-expert.

Reviewer: Richard H.

I found these videos extremely informative. I would definitely recommend your site and I plan on renting other dvds soon

Reviewer: John W.

Excellent, I overhauled my first aod while watching and everything went smooth. Hope the 5R55E trans is the same, that's next in line. John

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