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Understanding the Human Body

...with Professor Anthony Goodman M.D.

Science: Biology & Chemistry how-to video: Understanding the Human Body by Professor Anthony Goodman M.D. 3_bulb Review this video!

Learn about the human body from a surgeon, professor, and author; Dr. Anthony Goodman. Dr. Goodman presents the human body in 32 comprehensive and crystal-clear lectures, each lecture focusing on a specific body part. <p> Dr. Goodman will explain the functions and processes of the body simply enough for a child to follow. Once he explains the general purpose of a specific part, he moves on to show the viewer why can cause that process to go wrong, for example, what happens in the body that might cause a heart attack or stroke. <p> Dr. Goodman uses illustrations, life-sized models, and a video shot during surgery. Not only will he introduce individual pieces of the human body, he will also show how different parts work together to form systems. <p> This topic is something everyone should understand, since it literally applies to every human on earth. Dr. Goodman's interactive lectures are the best place to learn, in simple terms, how our bodies work to keep us healthy. Enjoy and learn from this valuable set that will be relevant in every day of your life. <p> "The study of anatomy alone, without reference to both the normal and abnormal function of the human body, has little meaning," says Dr. Goodman. "However, when studied in the context of the exquisite and intricate relationships of anatomy to those normal processes that keep us alive and allow us to reproduce and evolve, the subject becomes a gripping page-turner."

(about 4000 minutes)

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Customer Reviews

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Reviewer: Lea O.

As a homeschooling mom to a 10th grader and also a nurse, I have absolutely LOVED this series and am using it for my son's Human Anatomy Course this semester. I am just making up quizes along the way. We have both 'grown fond' of the professor and 'miss' him when we are in between dvds! One note to people not in the medical field...the information is quite detailed in many areas (I've been a nurse for 20 yrs. and have learned quite a few things I didn't know!) and have just fast-fowarded thru some of these areas. It would be very helpful if the viewer has some medical knowledge but if not, this probably should not stop a person. The professor also includes some very interesting 'real life' related things to his lectures which helps keep my son interested!

Reviewer: David G.

You sent me duplicates of understanding the human body. It was not my fault but yours therefore I owe you nothing. I have returned them already two days ago and please, DO NOT SEND ANY MORE DVD'S!!



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