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PH: Gunstock Carving

...with Joe Cummings

Misc Crafts how-to video: PH: Gunstock Carving by Joe Cummings 4_bulb Review this video!

Gunstock Carving Volume 1: Mastering the Fish Scale Pattern

A DVD on how to master the Fishscale Pattern.

(about 58 minutes)

Gunstock Carving Volume 2: Mastering the Basket Weave Pattern

If you want to learn how to carve beautiful basketweave patterns on gunstock or other surfaces, this instructional DVD will show you the step by step process.

(about 58 minutes)

Gunstock Carving: Leaf & Scroll Carving Tutorial

Instructional DVD on carving gunstocks using high speed. Techniques can be applied to any wood carving.

(about 58 minutes)

Gunstock Carving: Black Powder Gunstock Carving Tutorial

DVD on engraving black powder guns with artist Keith Hone. Techniques taught can be applied to many carving applications.

(about 60 minutes)

Gun Carving: Wood Sculpting Semi-Relief Engraving Tutorial

Learn how to carve detailed scroll designs and sem-relief patterns on gunstocks with this instructional DVD.

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Customer Reviews

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Reviewer: WILLIAM S.

This is a great DVD. The instructions a clear and consise, the photography is good and the instructors technique is always in view because he is very conscious of keep his hand from blocking the view. With this DVD and lots of practice you can carve a gunstock pattern.

Reviewer: WILLIAM S.

Gun Stock Carving Volume II is equally as good as Volumn I. Joe Cummins is a good instructor and presents his subject very well. By the end of the video you feel "I can do that".

Reviewer: WILLIAM S.

This DVD is a fairly good lesson in power relief carving. A real annoying issue was the background sound of the power engraver during the dialog portion of the video when no actual carving was being performed. I was feeling by the end of the video that it was more promotional than instructional.

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