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How To Arc Weld: Tips, Tricks & Procedures

...with Joe Levandoski

Welding how-to video: How To Arc Weld: Tips, Tricks & Procedures by Joe Levandoski 3_bulb Review this video!

New to Arc Welding? Want to learn basic tips and procedures from the pros without taking expensive lessons? Have you been welding for a while but would like to learn from other more experienced welders? This DVD features an arc welding instructor, who is also a full time Arc Welder with 28 years of experience. Joe Levandoski, of Lake Station, Indiana is certified by the State of Indiana in Arc Welding and Wire Welding. Mr. Levandoski shares tips on welding safety, common welding problems, recommended rods to use, proper amperage settings and setting up your welder. In the second half of the video, Mr. Levandoski actually demonstrates welding procedures in various positions and with different types of metals. This 91 minute DVD was shot using cameras with special lenses that allow you to actually see the welding arc and welding puddle. This should help you better see and understand how to move your welding rod and maintain the proper rod-to-metal gap.<br>The 22 Lessons in this DVD are listed below to help you more easily find a particular Lesson.<br><br> 1. Welding Safety Tips - Part 1 <br> 2. Helmets and Eye Protection<br> 3. Welding Safety Tips - Part 2<br> 4. Metals for Arc Welding<br> 5. Preparing to Arc Weld<br> 6. Striking an Arc<br> 7. Tack Welding Techniques<br> 8. Butt Welding in the Flat Position<br> 9. Weld Bead Size<br> 10. Welding Light Gauge Material 11. Welding Edge Joint on Vertical and Horizontal<br> 12. Welding Corner Joint in Vertical Position<br> 13. Welding Rod Sticking<br> 14. Welding Round Stock<br> 15. Welding Stainless Steel<br> 16. Welding Galvanized Steel<br> 17. Welding Cast Steel<br> 18. Welding Thin Rusty Plate<br> 19. Repairing Holes in Plates<br> 20. Horizontal Weld 21. Overhead Weld<br> 22. Conclusion

(about 91 minutes)

This video was added to our catalog on January 01, 2000 in Metalworking::Welding.

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Customer Reviews

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Reviewer: jim h.

It was a very informative dvd I enjoyed it very much. thanks

Reviewer: Michael J.

This video was a waste of my money and time. I watched no more than 12 minutes of this video when I put it back into the envelope and sent it back the same day I got it in the mail. Simply horrible! I don't know what was worse, the fact that the production, setting, and information given were far from professional, or trying to listen to a guy who sounded like an uneducated redneck. I couldn't believe a guy who rubs potato mush in his eyes for welding flashes was giving tips on arc welding. "Do me a favor, do yourself a favor, grate that potato." What a joke.

Reviewer: Theodore P.

Video was entirely too basic to be of much use to anyone. It attempted to cover more area than could be adequately addressed in the time available, and failed to present even some of the most basic considerations in welding practice. For example, what is the difference between AC and DC welding and how are they used? When is polarity changed, and why? The presenter mentioned several welding rods by number, but there was not a single word concerning how welding rods are to be selected, how they are categorized, how they are to be handled and stored, etc., etc.

Reviewer: Alejandro Q.

The quality of the production was not very good, even though the close ups gave a good perspective of the weld puddle at all times. Good practical techniques for the average welder, even though this video is not ment for the performance welder (to-be). The author loves what he does and is proud to show his techniques. The last 40 min. are specially good in relation to typical tricks needed to get things done. The video is probably antiquated since the author does not recommend electronic darkening mask.

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