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GM 700R4 Automatic Transmission Rebuilding Series

...with Paul Zank

Engines how-to video: GM 700R4 Automatic Transmission Rebuilding Series by Paul Zank 5_bulb Review this video!

Discover how easy it is to get professional results and save money when you rebuild your own automatic transmission. <p> Drive line expert Paul Zank walks you through every detail of a complete rebuild. Watch as each piece is disassembled, inspected for wear, and reassembled. <p> You'll quickly understand why this video is considered a top tool for training new mechanics. Includes tips for freeing stuck valves, air testing clutch packs, setting end play, bolt lengths, torque specifications, torque converter installation, oil filling procedures, and much more!

(about 90 minutes)

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Customer Reviews

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Reviewer: Eric O.

This DVD is brilliant. The 700R4 is such an amazingly complex transmission, but this video made it a cakewalk. The 700R that I rebuilt is now in my truck and working as new. The DVD showed me updates, and tips which made the project simple. The hardest thing about rebuilding this transmission is the 'Universal Spring Compression Tool'. I didn't have it, but I recommend getting/renting one. To pull the transmission pump, I just used a screwdriver and carefully pried it out. My thanks to Paul Zank. He did a wonderful job with explanation and visuals.

I should also mention that this was my first transmission rebuild and that having a mechanical inclination is a prerequisite.

Reviewer: Jay S.

The DVD is old, a bit dated, but useful.

Reviewer: John F.

Except for a few details which were glossed over I found the video on rebuilding the GM 700R4 Automatic Transmission very helpful. It was better than the ATSG video which I also used. thanks, John Fuselier

Reviewer: Dan W.

Very thorough and helpful. Had no idea manuals were available in this format. Will use again.

Reviewer: gerald b.

A very informative video. I dont think I will have any problem rebuilding one of these transmissions.

Reviewer: Kurt C.

wish it could have come sooner it took to long to get to me more than 2 weeks and I had already rebuilt my trany but if I had waited I wouldn't have had such a hard time with it and done some upgrades too. I still watched it it was very good.

Reviewer: leore t.

complete manual of 700r4 automatic transmission

Reviewer: noel e.

over all they are good transmissions but they need stronger bands

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