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Assemble a 4-Inch, 3-Break Color & Report Shell

...with Louis J Semenza

Fireworks how-to video: Assemble a 4-Inch, 3-Break Color & Report Shell by Louis J Semenza 5_bulb Review this video!

Learn Traditional Canister Shell Construction with Veteran professional fireworks maker (60+ years), Louis Semenza, who entertains you with a demonstration of the traditional way his father taught him to make this complicated shell, complete with a bottom shot. Proper loading, using, stringing, and finishing operations are demonstrated and explained in detail and sprinkled liberally with interesting anecdotes. In addition, Lou also shows how to correctly throw a circle of stars in a 5 inch, 3-break shell. Finally, he turns the tables and shows us how to make a "quickie" shell. Concludes with a display of Lou's work by Ideal Fireworks. A classic by one of the late greats.

This video was added to our catalog on January 01, 2000 in Hobbies::Fireworks.

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Customer Reviews

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Reviewer: Andrew H.

An excellent treatise on the construction of a traditional Italian multi-break shell. Mr. Semenza details the complete process of assembly, going from cutting 70lb Kraft paper for each shell casing to installing the spoolette, stars, and break charge. The viewer is also shown the proper way of spiking, pasting and finishing the shell. This video is a *must see* for anyone who enjoys the craftsmanship of traditional Italian technique.

Reviewer: Rob M.

I enjoyed this video. It covered the packing and wrapping procedure completely. Towards the end, the fuse orientation was a little vague.

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