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...with John Mayes

Lutherie how-to video: Inlay by John Mayes 3_bulb Review this video!

This video will cover a complex inlay of Celtic art/knotwork starting at the raw materials, tools, and jigs, and finishing off engraving the knotwork. He will cover the tools, saws, saftey, material selection, cutting of materials, layout, routing the channels, inlaying the material, and sanding it smooth. Materials will be Mother of pearl, paua abalone (ablam), pink river shell, and it will be inlayed into african blackwood. (click on picture for a larger image)

(about 60 minutes)

This video was added to our catalog on January 01, 2000 in Lutherie.

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Customer Reviews

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Reviewer: Maung W.

Yes...This is the very first time I have ever seen this. This will show/teach you everything..and if you want to stand out your guitar appearance, (inlay on your guitar head, neck, or body)rent this DVD. You will be amazed to know that youcan get the tools from a dollar store. M. Wynn Ottawa. Canada

Reviewer: Charles F.

This video was not very good. The production quality and sound were pretty good but the content was lacking. The guy doing the video was not a very good inlay artist. At the end of the video the inlay looked amateurish and even had noticeable gaps etc. Most of the video is him sawing out the pieces which he does pretty good, but when you get to the part where you actually inlay the pieces he just routes out a big space, glues the inlay into the middle and then back fills everything with black epoxy. The Larry Robinson dvd set on inlay is much much better.

Reviewer: Michael P.

I did not like this inlay video very much at all. A lot of wasted time on things he should move on from, once he shows the technique. He makes mistakes that show on the final work. Takes short cuts around routing out design by removing a big circle of the fingerboard to fit the whole inlay. It's like he did not have to spend to much time doing inlay work at all. He just got the basics down and made a video to sell. I would not encourage any one to rent it. I would say get the Larry Robinson Inlay set, Larry holds back nothing and is a real pro.

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