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Israeli Instinctive Combat Shooting Method

...with American Gunsmithing Institute

Marksmanship how-to video: Israeli Instinctive Combat Shooting Method by American Gunsmithing Institute 2_bulb Review this video!

Learn to shoot FAST, safely and with deadly precision. This fast-moving course will show you step by step the methods taught to "special units in Israel". You will learn how to confront a threat, pull a concealed weapon, chamber a round, and fire - all in less than a second! Plus, the secrets of good peripheral vision, reducing your silhouette, and employing lethal tactics against multiple threats. Filmed on location in Israel.

(about 60 minutes)

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Customer Reviews

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Reviewer: Matt K.

Wow, that's all I can say about DVD. Rent it, it is very, very good. By the end of the video you will believe me. I thought I had rented my first "bad" video when I started watching this. The video production is horrible (it looks like it was shot at a dump in Israel with low budget audio and video equipment) and the accent of the instructor is pretty thick. After getting over that I learned a great deal about the Israeli shooting method that they call Instinctive shooting. It's actually really easy and you'll say "ohh I could have figured that out" once you learn it. Definitely worth the rent if you are at all interested in the Israeli Instinctive shooting method.

Reviewer: James B.

If you want to learn the basic mechanics of the Israeli Instinctive combat shooting method, this video will do just that. It will demonstrate how the Israeli method of carry is used as a concealed carry and how to present the weapon for use when necessary.

Reviewer: Eric K.

Okay if you're interested in Israeli style gunfighting, ie: carrying your weapon in condition 3, Mexican style (without a holster). Production values on this video are very poor. All in all, there are better videos on this site to rent, eg: Fighting Pistol.

Reviewer: Jay B.

Although I found it interesting to see the "Israeli Method" of carrying a concealed weapon, it is not something that I will be practicing.

Accidental/negligent discharges can happen when people manipulate/handle firearms. The beauty of a simple firearm, i.e. Glock or revolver, is that you only have a few steps; draw, aim, pull trigger, holster. This "method" adds several steps; draw, rack slide, aim, pull trigger, remove magazine, rack slide to clear chamber, pull trigger again on empty chamber, holster. More steps = more opportunity for things to go wrong.

I can see some merit in certain circumstances, i.e. soldier carrying a single action pistol in a shoulder or chest holster while working in a confined space (i.e. a tank).

For normal concealed carry, why not just purchase a good holster?

Reviewer: TODD B.

What the other guys above, and even the so called instructor, do not even tell you, is the following. #1: First off, all the extra moves mentioned aside, the Israelis carry their chambers empty, period! They try to explain it away with this" Our enemy is all around, so we leave our chambers empty so they can't use our weapons against us". WTF, do the bad guys in the USA wear signs to tell us who they are?? do they introduce themselves to us??? #2: that whole push of the arm to the weak side, like they are pushing a protectee behind them, or out of the way, is moronic and useless. What does it actually do? what purpose does it serve? and finally #3: That whole punch/pull thing is about the dumbest thing I've seen in a long time. I'm not a pro by a long shot, but it seems like such a waste of muscle memory. Anyway, what I do know, rent it at your own risk!!! And yes, it does sound [bad] and his accent is rough, between the two, I rate it a 0!

Reviewer: gary l.

These methods I did not find practical in real world situations. Also, it was hard to take this seriously when the instructor reminded me of "Borat".

Reviewer: Franklin P.

Heavy Israeli accent (gee who would have known?) and poor production aside. This video was a waste of disc space. This video should have only been about ten minutes long. As a firearms Instructor I could not nor would not teach the technique shown. In order for a shooter to utilize this technique effectively you would personnally need three things. First and foremost; You would have to be very open to new training techniques. Second; A great deal of combat experience. Third; A need for, possibly, a better combat fighting technique. As a Firearms Instructor I have worked with new and veteran shooters, even the veteran shooters are slow to teach new techniques to.

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