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The Fine Art of Hollow Grinding

...with Johnny Stout

Knifemaking how-to video: The Fine Art of Hollow Grinding by Johnny Stout 4_bulb Review this video!

Watch as legendary Texas Knifemaker Johnny Stout walks you through the finer points of hollow grinding. Get an over the shoulder view of Johnny teaching you his techniques and secrets on one of the most important aspects of knifemaking.<p><p>Enjoy multiple camera angles, split scenes, and extreme close-ups as Johnny grinds both fixed blades and folders in this spectacular video. This video is a "must have" for both the beginner and the professional knifemaker!<p>

(about 89 minutes)

This video was added to our catalog on January 01, 2000 in Knifemaking.

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Customer Reviews

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Reviewer: CHARLES C.

The best one yet. learned much from this one. He's an expert, I'm an amateur, I could learn much from his tricks of the trade. I would recomend this to anyone that is starting out in knife making.

Reviewer: Bill N.

Pretty good video for people starting off. My only complaint is that the guy had his radio on in the shop; this makes it difficult to concentrate on what he is saying.

Reviewer: David T.

First time for me to actually see someone grind so it was very informative. Until now I had just been going on what others TOLD me to do but I actually got to see it on the DVD. Very helpful DVD ! 2 Thumbs UP !

Reviewer: Doug W.

Excellent How To instruction for hollow grinding . Even if you have an experienced knife maker down the road, you can learn another way and some valuable tips from an expert. Johnny Stout is well respected in the field for a good reason. Some of the camera angles should have been edited out as you can't see squat, but the quantity of other very good detail and in focus shots of grinding more than make up for it. Descriptions of equipment including belts, measuring tools and even the slow pans of the shop are all a great part of the education.

Reviewer: John M.

This as well as one other video I saw was far from quality instructions and for the most part, boring as the dickens. The focus was often fluctuating between being in focus and not or the videographer was cranking on the lens trying to find the object within his field. But what bothered me most in both videos, was the "backs of hands" problem. Why couldn't the filmaker simply move around for a better view without having the hands often in the way, I repeat, often. We lose much to poor planning and poor fiming technique. Also, this video could have used some editing--throwing out the long pauses from the knifemaker or the unnecessay long sanding times, which we all know too well and surely, we don't need to or want to follow along with dull, continuous sanding time.

All in all, I did learn from these films as the knifemakers possess the knowledge but the information could have been condensed into about 30 minutes of viewing; instead we were subjected to what seemed to be an amateur videographer's learning curve, which I'd rather not be subjected to.

Reviewer: Chris R.

I really liked this video. I'd never seen anyone hollow grind before and it's something that to me at least doesn't come across in a book as well as it does actually watching someone do it.

Reviewer: VERN S.

pay attention and you'll learn something. it was a good movie. vern six ottumwa Iowa

Reviewer: Kyle J.

I can't say that I was real impressed with this one. It was basic and didn't seem to provide much insight. I caught a couple bits of outright misinformation along with just plain opinion presented as gospel. If you have never done hollow grinding this is a good first look. Thats about it.

Reviewer: Allen H.

I though this was a very good video. SO good that I bought a copy to have in my collection. Good straight forward stuff. I would recommend it to anyone with an interest in grinding blades.

Reviewer: Stephen C.

I enjoyed the video immensely. I am just getting started in knife making and I learned a great deal.

Steve Carothers

Reviewer: Steven J.

Video was a little long, but I did get some good tips on grinding, belt grits. I would recommend anyone wanting to learn to make knifes to watch this.

Reviewer: Dan H.

Overall very useful. Kind of slow but with good repetitions too. Nice to see different types of blades and how they were done. Editing could have been better, but some of the closeup grinds were excellent. The first part of the welcome and all of that was just a waste of time. I liked the multiple approachs to the same problem view as well.

Reviewer: Ray M.

Appropriate mostly for rank beginners; clear and straightforward, close-up shots show good detail.

Reviewer: rae b.

Falls short when it comes to the final finishing. This is what makers are looking for when the ad says "for professional makers to".

Reviewer: Chris L.

I liked this DVD. It was very informative and taught me a lot of helpful hints for hollow grinding. Some of the camera angles could have been more focused to show close up what Mr. Stout was doing with some of the more detailed grinding. Towards the end I did feel bad for him because he needed to clear his throat very frequently and forcefully. He wasn't wearing any breather mask, and I hope that was just because of filming. I certainly hope with grinding metal he wears a mask as a general rule.

Reviewer: Robert R.

This was just one of several DVDs I've rented and It was disappointing. This maker has done some outstanding work but it wasn't presented here. The basic hollow grind of a straight knife ended when the knife was ready for heat treat. We all know there is a lot which goes on after the heat treat and none of that was covered. Overall it was disappointing. The 15 minute lesson at the end focused on comparing flat grinding to hollow grinding and was a complete waste of time.

Reviewer: David S.

I liked this video very much. I would like to see more videos like this from this author.

Reviewer: Jorge F.

Well done if you look for technique. It is a good video on how to do a hollow grinding.

Reviewer: glenda v.

My husband and I both enjoyed the information that was in this DVD. We wish we had the equipment and someday we might. It is always nice to see how the pro do their job.

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