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Painting On Location...The Sonoran Desert

...with Matt Smith

Painting: Oil how-to video: Painting On Location...The Sonoran Desert by Matt Smith 5_bulb Review this video!

Join Matt on a painting excursion into the Sonoran desert and discover the beauty of this rugged country. Special Features are Landscape, Design, Drawing, Foreground, Middleground, Background, the sky and Finish.

This video was added to our catalog on January 01, 2000 in Arts & Crafts::Painting: Oil.

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Customer Reviews

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Reviewer: Francis C.

This is a wonderful DVD. Very full of usefull information about plein-air painting and how Matt Smith does it. He is a great teacher.

Reviewer: Sandra D.

Thank you so much for this great video. Mr. Smith is a terrific teacher. I especially enjoyed his method of using the principles of composition. This is a must see for all landscape painters.

Sandra Dodson

Reviewer: Joseph R.

Another terrific video, it was especially informative to see the logistics a landscapr painter goes through paintin on locations.

Reviewer: Darrell A.

Excellent plein aire video. Clear, concise, informative, illustrating the challenge of painting outdoors and the ways to be successful.

Reviewer: Bill M.

Very worthwhile. I have seen and own some other plein air and landscape videos. For a relatively short video, compared to the ones I have already experienced, Matt Smith packs a lot of useful and quite comprehensive information. Since I live in Arizona and realize there are some unique challenges to plein air subjects in the desert areas of this state, Matt Smith's video is a valuable resource for anyone who is either a visiting painter or a resident painter. This definitely one videoI would consider owning after renting. Five stars!

Reviewer: John A.

This is one of the better videos out there. No unnecessary chit-chat with his friends. Direct and to the point.

Reviewer: maxine d.

Very focused and comprehensive explanation/demonstration DVD. Excellent overview of everything from choosing a subject to setting up on location to beginning and completing the work in question. Would definitely be interested in another video by the same artist. DVD quality was very good as well.

Reviewer: C. A.

An excellent "Plein Air" DVD. Matt is an excellent artist and teacher. Would reccommend this DVD to anyone interested in painting outside....from life.

Reviewer: Robert B.

Matt Smith spends a lot of time explaining his thought process prior to grabbing a brush. I think this is invaluable, or at least worth the price of the disc. Painting on location can be overwhelming. So much stuff! Matt explains how he focuses in on a subject, eliminates, moves, darkens, etc. all to support the main idea. He's a great painter and explains each step in detail. Very informative, one of the best.

Reviewer: Shirley H.

I highly recommend this excellent DVD. Matt covers the essentials of plein air painting equipment and set-up, plus how to select a good painting subject and improve the composition. The camera angle provides the viewer with an excellent close-up of his painting techniques. Bonus selections easily allow the viewer to select various scenes to repeat, including his palette set-up, and links to websites that carry some of the supplies and equipment he uses along with a link to his website.

Reviewer: Cecelia C.

Excellent video. It was very helpful to clearly see the subject he was painting and see and hear why he was making the choices he made, in simplifying the visual information, softening edges, composing the painting, etc....


Reviewer: Victoria C.

Very good, informative video. Matt Smith is not only an excellent painter, but he seems very down-to-earth and explains everything very well.

Reviewer: Lilly L.

This was one of the best instructional videos on plein air I have ever viewed. I recommend it highly.

Reviewer: Nick D.

Matt does a nice job explaining his materials and technique. He also shows helpful ways that he chooses his composition. This video is worth the time spent.

I wish the video would have been about more paintings. He basically takes the viewer through a progression of one day of plein air painting in the desert.

Overall a good video.

Reviewer: charles c.


Reviewer: Ivan K.

Matt Smith is a very articulate and able demonstrator. He breaks the process into simple and easily understood steps. If you want to see how he achieves his appealing natural landscape style this video is a very good start. I.Kelly.

Reviewer: Donna M.

This is an excellent DVD. He describes in detail what he is doing and why it is important to the overall painting. He is an accomplished artist. I'm going to look for other instructional DVDs he may have available. Thanks. I've been looking for a DVD art instructional rental outlet like yours for some time. I'm glad I finally found you. I'll be back.

Donna Miller

Reviewer: Frances m.

This is one of the best instructional videos I have had the pleasure to view. I can't wait to see Matt's next video.

Reviewer: James B.

This was an excellent video! Good images and a very detailed, systematic narration performed by Matt Smith. I liked how he covered his painting pallette and where to obtain materials. I loved his description on how he finds good landscapes to paint and how he goes about laying the subject matter out on the canvas. Although I thought the video was going to cover photo realism landscape painting, I was still impressed with Matt's impressionism style. I learned a lot which will help me with my future paintings. I would be interested in seeing other videos that Matt has advertised on his web site.

Reviewer: Brian J.

Excellant; 5 stars; the only flaw is in the production crew's sound levels change from one scene to the next. Matt does a good job explaining everything from scouting a scene, the set-up, composition graphics, and over-the-shoulder views by the camera. Matt does a good job explaining what is going on. Too many painting videos the artist rambles-on distracting from the quality of the film. And thank god no dumb questions from an audience.

Reviewer: Emily L.

I really liked this video. I liked his energy, his repetition in the manner he set up a site and how he blocked the lights and dark. Not one critical moment in it. Thanks. I think I watched it four times.

Reviewer: Robin N.

I enjoyed this video very much. It is always interesting to see how another artist approaches a subject. Matt is down to earth and an accomplished artist.

Reviewer: Roy S.

Learned a lot from this video. It always helps when I see another artist actually applying paint. Matt walks you through his thought pattern as he chooses his subjects and then composes the subject with an artist's eye. I would recommend this video to most who have any interest in plein air painting.

Reviewer: Kelly D.

Overall, I thought this was an excellent DVD. Matt does a great job explaining the process he goes through to complete a plein air painting. I learned a lot. My only issue was with the length of the DVD; it was much too short.

Reviewer: Richard C.

Excellent video ... specifically geared to the plein air artist. Although this is an informative video would have liked to have perhaps a couple of demos instead of just the one.

Reviewer: Debra S.

This is a beautifully shot video and is very thorough in explaining the theory of composition in outdoor painting. Very easy to understand and follow through. I recommend this video to anyone who wants to learn how to paint 'plein air'.

Reviewer: tony d.

An excellent painter, Matt Smith also produced a well thought out easy to follow DVD. Highly recommended!

Reviewer: Susan F.

I liked this DVD very much. Matt Smith is great at what he does and I learned a lot from watching him. He's quite forthcoming with information and easy to understand. I recommend it to any landscape painter, even if you don't paint in a southwest style.

Reviewer: John J.

Having recently taken some Plein Air classes, I can tell you that Matt's instruction is right on the money. It's an excellent DVD. I saw improvements in my painting my next time out.

Reviewer: Ann O.

Wonderful video. Gets off to a slow start when he changes painting locations but once he gets started it's a fantastic video.

Reviewer: Steven R.

Packed with information. No fluff. Just location painting, thoughts behind the methods and technical demonstration. This is a top shelf video for anyone seeking art instruction. Should inspire anyone who wishes to paint outdoors.

Smith is an oil painter so problems with evaporation in the desert environment don't enter into the discussion. Just a heads up for watercolorists or acrylic painters who want to translate this video into a water based medium. But even for novice oil painters, this is worthy of your time.

Reviewer: Susan H.

This is like taking an expensive class and watching the instructor demonstrate, only you don't have to pay for the class or leave your house. Something in this DVD really spoke to me and motivated me to do more painting.

Reviewer: Wally W.

The information was direct and helpful...like his style.

Reviewer: Linda W.

what a great DVD!!!!....watched it twice...took a lot of notes....lots of great information and very well done....much thanks for your service..also, thanks for getting it to me quickly.

Reviewer: Lori Q.

A very good DVD. Matt is very concise and clear with his instruction. I enjoyed his description of his palette colors, but when he said Cad. Lemon was a very important color and that he would talk about that later--I wish he would have. He forgot to elaborate as far as I could tell. I love the way he paints and it was a treat to watch him in action.

Reviewer: Gaye S.

Great DVD! Matt is a great teacher. This was well worth the wait.

Reviewer: Evelyn C.

Very focused and comprehensive explanation. I recommented to enyone interested in painting outside. I liked it... excellente!!!

Reviewer: Barbara J.


I loved this video. It was one of my favorites that I have ever watched or bought. Matt Smith wasted no time and got right to the point in explaining the reasons why he was doing what he was doing....

Wonderful and talented artist!!!

Reviewer: Cynthia S.

Superb. Rent it - you won't be disappointed!

Reviewer: Donna V.

This is an excellent video. Matt Smith is a great instructor and it immediately helped my painting.

Reviewer: Peter H.

It's too bad this DVD is so popular, because it's very good. Not long, but complete from beginning to end of an outdoor painting. I bought this video and you are getting a great deal being able to rent it for $10!!

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