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Pro Locksmith Set A

...with Mike Gibson

Locksmithing how-to video: Pro Locksmith Set A by Mike Gibson 4_bulb Review this video!

Learn The Locksmith Business and Van Setup and Pro Lock Picking 101A

Topics covered is:<p> * Learn The Locksmith Business and Van Setup-This course is a must. It is packed with marketing tips, available courses, how to set up a mobile van and much more. Ninety percent of the success of any business is knowing what not to do. Everything from purchasing the wrong inventory or tools to staying away from certain advertising that does not produce jobs. The information on this tape spans some thirty five years of experience in the locksmith business; just the marketing tips alone are worth the cost. <p><p> * The Pro Lock Picking Course 101A covers in more depth many of the subjects covered in the #101 Lock Picking Course(disc 4) with many additional topics such as physically drilling open locks as well as your tubular lock and electric pick gun. Because of the additional time afforded Mike on the dvd format he is able to share with you more in depth the process and techniques of lock picking.<p><p>This is Disc 1 of 4

Pro Locksmith Course Dvd 2- Lock Rekeying

Topics Covered are:<p><p>* Lock Rekeying Course on DVD<p> 1. Lock cylinder removal and assembly<p> 2. Using shim stock.<p> 3. Pinning up Kwikset and Weslock.<p> 4. Using the LAB multi pin kit.<p> 5. Tips and tricks.<p><p>* Code Cutting and Key Duplication<p>* The Art of Impressioning - Impressioning is the method used to make a key to a lock using just a blank key and a file.<p>* Panic bar and cam lock installation and repair<p> This is Disc 2 of 4

Pro Locksmith Course Dvd 3 - Safe Combination Changing

Topics covered are:<p><p>* Safe Combination Changing - This safe combination changing course is a must for the serious locksmith, virtually all companies have one or more safes and have them changed quite frequently. The charge to recombo a safe ranges from $55.00 to $75.00 per safe dial and takes about 5 min. This course teaches you to change safe combinations with the Key Dex safe change key set as well as hand changing safe combos. <p>* Commercial Master Keying Part I - Commercial Master Keying is probably the biggest money maker in locksmithing. Locksmiths that can go in to a large to medium size company and set up a Master key system will not only make a large sum of money for their expertise but will have a life time account. This course teaches you to do just that. Every thing from Schlage IC cores to setting up and keying a Large Master Key system, pricing and much more.<p><p>This is Disc 3 of 4

Pro Locksmith Course Dvd 4-Commercial Master Keying

Topics covered are:<p><p>* Commercial Master Keying Part 2<p>* Dead Bolt Installation wood or metal doors - This Video covers in detail the installation of dead bolt locks on metal as well as wood doors. You actually see one being installed from start to finish as well as the use of a kwickset jig. Mike shows you ways to install them if you do not have access to a jig. He covers many things he has learned the hard way having installed thousands. You might say he covers a lot of things you should never do. Knowing what not to do is half the battle.<p>* Lock Picking Course <p> 1. Lock cylinder design<p> 2. Lock preparation<p> 3. Picking techniques<p> 4. Pick selection<p> 5. Plug spinner function<p> 6. Pick gun techniques<p> 7. Real World Locksmiths<p><p>This is Disc 4 of 4

Pro Locksmith Course: The Art Of Impressioning

Impressioning is the method used to make a key to a lock using just a blank key and a file. This is a true art and a required skill in becoming a first class Locksmith. The art of Impressioning, when learned properly will be an asset to you through out your entire career. This course clearly shows you the tools you will need and the various methods used in key Impressioning. This is a skill used extensively in making keys to cars, file cabinet locks; virtually all wafer and pin tumbler locks and will save you a enormous amount of time and money.

This video was added to our catalog on January 01, 2000 in Locksmithing.

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Customer Reviews

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Reviewer: Cecil Z.

I thought that the series for locksmithing was great. Especially because tools and parts were identified with sources.

Thank you.


Reviewer: James K.

All of Mike Gibson's DVDs are amazing. He is not only a great locksmith, but also a great teacher as well.

Reviewer: marcus s.

Very informative. The host seems to get the information across in an easy to understand way. The host could use some pre-prepared illustrations and he rambles on a bit much. But overall it was good.

Reviewer: Mark W.

I was expecting it to have a little bit more to it than it did, but the video was fine. It gave me a good idea and a starting point.

The rental process and return process were great.

Thank you,

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