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CNC: Using & Shortcuts for Lathes-Mills

...with Heinz Putz

CNC how-to video: CNC: Using & Shortcuts for Lathes-Mills by Heinz Putz Review this video!

CNC: Using Cutter Comp On Lathes-Mills

The use of cutter comp in mills and noseradius comp in lathes has been well established since about 1980. The G-Codes for all controls are the same, only the method of application differs somewhat from control to control. <p>The Fanuc method is described in detail in this video with many examples for different types of applications for mills and lathes.<p>G41 is always Cutter Comp Left, G42 Cutter Comp Right and G40 Cutter Comp Cancel.<p>This video concentrates on the proper use of this very valuable feature on lathes and mills. Limitations and proper use for both lathes and mills are described, fully explained and shown in many practical examples and actual cutting sequences.<p><p>

(about 120 minutes)

CNC: Program Shortcuts For Lathes-Mills

Time savings, both in programming time and cutting time, are realized by the use of this valuable feature. The Fanuc lathe cycles for turning, boring, threading and grooving, G71, G70, G76, G75 and G74, are explained and shown with examples.<p>Sub programs calls by M98 for mills and lathes and many other timesaving shortcuts for lathes and mills are described and shown.<p><p>

(about 120 minutes)

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