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Preparation of CNC Productivity

...with Heinz Putz

CNC how-to video: Preparation of CNC Productivity by Heinz Putz 4_bulb Review this video!

The Job Of CNC Partmaking

The purpose of this video is to familiarize new operators and programmers with the facts and skills necessary for a career in CNC productivity. It contains complete sequences of instruction from each video. Covered are the basics such as feeds, speeds, simple G-Codes, Math, lathe and mill examples programming examples and Canned Cycles.

(about 120 minutes)

Preparation Of CNC Productivity

This video lays the foundation in the practical skills necessary for CNC utilization. Covered are coordinate systems for lathes and mills, how to program rapids with G0, straight and angular feeds with G1, radius motions with G2 or G3, proper speed and feed calculations, time estimating, tool shapes and tool offsets and many of the other skills necessary for productivity. Control input and editing examples are also included.<p>This is the right video to lay the foundation of knowledge needed for programming lathes and mills.

(about 120 minutes)

This video was added to our catalog on January 01, 2000 in Metalworking::CNC.

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Customer Reviews

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Reviewer: Donny M.

Good for the basics. Classroom setting. Instructor at the whiteboard the whole time. Gets a little long but it teaches you the basics. If your looking for a job in basic cnc operating or bought or built a mill or lathe these videos would be a good start. How to do it with expensive cam software. Donny

Reviewer: steven c.

Too much self promotion. Not very informative. Volume was not balanced (to low).

Reviewer: Fred T.

The video was informative for a new person in the game like me. One thing I have noticed about the videos is that the sound varies due to the instructor not wearing a microphone.

I would recommend the products.

Reviewer: Gary C.

This is an excellent dvd. I will rent it again.

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