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Building a Hawken Rifle

...with Hershel House

Pioneer skills how-to video: Building a Hawken Rifle by Hershel House 5_bulb Review this video!

Hershel demonstrates how to build an authentic replica of this famous half-stocked percussion St. Louis rifle. This isn't a "kit gun" either, but stocked from a blank with forged iron mounts. Includes close-up details of five original Hawken rifles.

(about 180 minutes)

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Customer Reviews

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Reviewer: Justin C.

Great video! Watching a master at work is very educational.

Reviewer: Tripp P.

Good instructional video for the advanced builder with many years experience. I rented for ideas and guidance on wood and furniture finishing which was only 5 minutes of a two hour video.

Reviewer: David R.

Video provides an excellent overview of the skills necessary for building an accurate reproduction of the Hawken rifle. Editing is a bit rough and some necessary steps are left out. All in all, worth the time to view if you have not attempted the construction of a rifle before.

Reviewer: Kurt S.

This is a great video for the beginning gun builder. The Folks at Pioneer video who created the videos With Mr. House and others are great people and strive to make their videos fun and informative and I think they do a tremendous job. Real videos for real folks.

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