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PC09: Tantalizing Translucents

...with Lindly Haunani

Polymer Clay how-to video: PC09: Tantalizing Translucents by Lindly Haunani 5_bulb Review this video!

Learn how to add a gleaming illusion of depth and mystery to your projects using polymer clay, the versatile art medium that "cures" right in your home oven. Construct a simple flower cane using translucent and opaque polymer clays and mount it with a metallic leaf backing on a bead. Make a compelling version of the Japanese metalworking technique, Mokume Gane. Add inclusions such as crayons and colorful scenic sands to create beautiful jewelry and home decor pieces.<p><p>Let award-winning Lindly Haunani, a founding member of The National Polymer Clay Guild, published author and accomplished teacher, demonstrate strategies for enhancing translucency and explore several of the amazing effects that can be created using translucent polymer clay.<p><p>Projects include napkin rings, beads, jewelry, letter opener, decorative light switch plate and photo frame.<p>

(about 61 minutes)

This video was added to our catalog on January 01, 2000 in Arts & Crafts::Polymer Clay.

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Customer Reviews

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Reviewer: Julie F.

I've taken a class from this instructor and needed a refresher - it was just what I needed. Good directions and tips.

Reviewer: Myra F.

As a beginner in polymer clay, this video was very helpful. Her projects were Great!

Reviewer: Terri W.

Great tutorial on different techniques for translucent PC! Opened up a whole new world of imagination for me!

Reviewer: Adrienne L.

Enjoyed the video very much, She is a good teacher and I learned a few things I did not know. Also got a better understanding of the things I already knew as well. Thanks.

Reviewer: Lauren A.

Very interesting techniques, easily understood.

Reviewer: Nancy P.

I really enjoyed this DVD. Especially the first segment, the Mokume Gane technique. The instructions were clear, simple and easily do-able by anyone. I would definitely recommend this DVD to all.

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