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The Kite Show 1

...with Alive Archives

Kites how-to video: The Kite Show 1 by Alive Archives Review this video!

This video is for anyone wanting to witness serious kite history along with kiting fun.<p><p>The video is rich with edutainment. Gary Engvall tells the history of a few kites. Ron Graziano teaches the "Lazy Susan" (a stunt kite trick) with a STX. Ari shows what might happen if you mixed old school free style flying with today's slack line tricks. Also Ari shows new fliers what NOT to do, in typical "Ari Style"<p><p>But the true power of this video is the footage of the French fliers that came to WILDWOOD 2003 and kicked butt at the East Coast Championships in the Masters Individual Ballet Class. This was the first time stunt kite routines like these has ever been flown in an American competition. An amazing display of choreography using slack line tricks in ballet, timed perfectly with music.<p>

(about 42 minutes)

This video was added to our catalog on January 01, 2000 in Hobbies::Kites.

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