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Hot Trix Wildwood 2001

...with Alive Archives

Kites how-to video: Hot Trix Wildwood 2001 by Alive Archives Review this video!

Sport kite flying has progressed in many ways thru the years. This video captures a moment in the progression, when trick or also known, as slack line kite flying was becoming the new rage at kite competitions in 2001.<p><p>People are chosen from the audience to help judge the pilots. The rules of the game? None, except for one. You must keep your kite in bounds. You can do ANYTHING else to get the judges to vote for you. The pilots are paired off to do battle, taking 3 turns each, performing and wowing the judges in anyway possible to music selected by computer at the very last moment.<p><p>Some of the new tricks at the time: fade, flic flacs, cascades, and the backspin. Some of the top pilots of the time: Phil Napier, Scott Weider, Ari Contzius, Brian Vanderslice, Ron Graziano among others.<p><p>If you have viewed Alive Archives videos before you might recognize Ari Contzius for his comedy and creativity. This video, once again will show Ari at his best. Lets just say he flies more than just kites, and brings the action packed event to a climatic and controversial finish.<p>

(about 40 minutes)

This video was added to our catalog on January 01, 2000 in Hobbies::Kites.

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