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Basic Techniques For Working With Steel

...with Ron Covell

Sheetmetal how-to video: Basic Techniques For Working With Steel by Ron Covell 5_bulb Review this video!

This is probably the most comprehensive metalworking video to date: Ron Covell thoroughly demonstrates basic hammer and dolly techniques, and shows how to do high-level metalwork that requires no filler. In the video, he starts with a 1932 Morgan in very bad condition, and goes through every step of perfectly restoring the body. Great coverage of hole filling, patch panels, wired edge repair, rust repair, TIG welding, metal finishing, and shrinking. You'll see how top-quality metalwork can be done with very simple tools!

This video was added to our catalog on January 01, 2000 in Metalworking::Sheetmetal.

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Customer Reviews

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Reviewer: Mark S.

What can I say it's a Ron Covell Video! Seriously though this video is a great introduction to metal repair. It covers every thing from plugging holes to shaping a new curved front end that then gets TIG welded in place. Ron then goes on to show you to smooth the metal to paint ready condition using only hand tools. If you're new to metal repair and refinishing this is a great video. Though being a newbie to metal working myself I'm not sure how much value it would provide for someone familiar with metal working

Reviewer: Todd R.

I wonder if this was Ron's first video? Don't misunderstand... It's all good!

This man is not afraid to admit when he's made a mistake. See the disclaimer after quenching for an understanding of the above question.

I believe one of the reasons I like him as a teacher is that he's humble. Not to mention passionate about sharing the art of his craft with all of us who are willing to watch, listen and learn.

Ron covers so much in this title. I've applied everything in there with great success and satisfaction in my own projects.

Reviewer: bill l.

Found the dvd great for fender repair ( what I wanted). I went out and banged a big dent in an old hulk in the back yard,and damned if I couldn't pound 95% of the dent out in about 5-10 minutes. Went on to repair some minor dents in my Vanagonn Syncro. The kind of dents where the paint film had not been broken, but were on body creases. On to MIG welding!

Reviewer: Cameron P.

This is a great video. He explains (and shows how) to repair holes, replace panels, create new panels, and much more. It was worth it.

Reviewer: Jeff D.

Very good video. Ron does a great job showing his techniques and explaining why he chose that repair.

Reviewer: Rod W.

I found the DVD to be a wealth of information. Clear and concise instructions left me with the feeling that I could go out and use these basic techniques and accomplish beginning metal working sucess. I enjoyed it very much, as I expected by reading some of the other reviews.

Reviewer: Lyle M.

This is a great video for beginners who want to see how to use simple hand tools and welding techniques for auto body restoration.

Reviewer: Thomas B B.

I found this video very informative and helpful. Ron Covell is an excellent instructer and craftsman. Top Marks for Ron.

Reviewer: tom b.

The dvd was good for my needs. It was well made. Ron Covell is a good host. He is well organized. I took some of his tips and was able to take a dent out of a stainless steel pan.

Reviewer: Rock A.

Very good instructional video from an obvious master of metalworking.

Reviewer: tony b.

Somewhat interesting video. It covers some of the basics, but video is poorly produced. Audio/video sync problems at beginning. This was SOLD this way? I can't believe someone would sell it. If you know absolutely nothing about beating steel, then you might find this video educational. The part on shrinking steel with water, with an overlay disclaimer is exceptionally lame. Should have re-shot the scene the correct way.

Reviewer: Harvey L.

Ron's coverage of the basic techniques is very informative. I have not had much experience in bodywork and this clears up a lot of areas for me. Not everyone will have all the tools shown, but the basics shown with the simple tools is more than enough to catch on to the techniques.

Highly recommended, thanks.

Reviewer: william m.

The video was well worth watching - a chance to see what an expert can do.

Reviewer: john s.

Would highly recommend this video to anyone interested in basic bodywork or rust repair or even customizing their automobile. As with anything this will take time and practice to get good at but the basics are all there. practice - practice - practice ! Retired Ase Master tech.

Reviewer: Steve B.

There was some extremely impressive techniques and skills demonstrated in this DVD. I did feel that the part about not cold quenching steel should have been re-shot. Its obvious Ron has years of practice at forming steel by hand and I've not yet tried to do much of it. Something tells me I'm up for a lesson in patience. Overall a very enjoyable DVD from a true expert in the field.

Reviewer: James C.

Found this video very interesting. I didn't know it was about sheet metal, my bad.

It gave me a good idea bout how sheet metal can be worked and formed.

I did feel it was not as much a "why you do this" video, more of a "do this, do that".

Reviewer: Brad B.

I found the DVD very informative. I have never seen body work performed before and I am now comfortable enough to try some work on my older vehicles.

Reviewer: Scott A.

A good video that really helped me understand how to tackle my bodywork. A little too much time spent showing how to make a fender from scratch, but good information and worth the rental.

Reviewer: Randy B.

Easy to understand, very informative for a novice. I would recommend this as a basic metal working video.

Reviewer: Gary R.

Very good video, have ordered his other one. Seemed rather long, but, I liked the depth and also his explanation that this wasn't the only way to do something, just that he had worked it out that this was one of the best ways.

Reviewer: kim g.

an expert makes it look so easy, but you can get a good idea of just how extensive panel repair or replacement can get to be. I was especially interested in the metal shrinking methods, both with a shrinking tool, and with a torch. The hammer and shot-bag forming method was also very informative. Good video for the novice.

Reviewer: Ronnie M.

I enjoyed the video very much. Alot of useful material was covered. Very practical. I will be able to use techniques that I learned from the video in current work that I am doing.

Reviewer: Terry B.

Enjoyed the video and may rent more in the future. Will recommend to other novice metal workers.

The extra $1.99 it cost to ship video back is a hidden cost to me.

Terry Baxter

Reviewer: Larry H.

This was a great beginners intro on how to manipulate steel, lots of neat trips and tricks to make the jobs go easier.

Reviewer: Jim R.

Just getting started in this body work stuff I found the video very good and would recommend for entry level learning. Yeah it could have been better as Ron is not a video producer but a body man but I did learn some things and was amazed at how he beat the hell out of a piece of steel and made something out of it. If you want to learn some hammer and dolly basics this video is just fine.

Reviewer: William F.

Would of liked to have seen an everyday car being used in the repair with non-professional shop tool substitutes.

Reviewer: Michael R.

As this was the first metalworking video I had ever seen, I was hoping to learn about using hammer and dollies and other metalworking techniques. This is a good video that covers a bit of everything and does illustrate what the title suggests, although more examples of bumping dents would have been appreciated. Video quality is about 6 out of 10, and I attribute that to the fact that it is probably an older video converted to DVD. Audio is fine.

Reviewer: Peter C.

I enjoyed it very much. I saw a lot that i did not no about .Yes i would rent more , i am looking forward to getting the one on the English wheel i have just bought one and would like to learn how to use it. thank you

Reviewer: Brian B.

This is the best basic metal working disc I've seen yet. If you are highly experienced, I'd say don't bother with this one. But if you are a beginner, or if you are curious and just want to know some of what's involved with restoring the sheet metal of old vehicles or repairing small holes and dents and the like, this is probably the best place to start. There's no mention of where to buy the tools used, nor how to make some of them yourself, but there are other discs that have that, such as from Ron Fournier or George Goehl. There's only a few huge info gaps, wherein the viewer would think "how the heck did he get to that stage?" but usually these are answered later on.

I am very glad I rented this one, and I strongly recommend it to anyone below expert level.

Reviewer: russell e.

Excellent instruction and examples of finished parts made by simple hand tools. The instructor takes the time to explain and demonstrate techniques step by step while following safe working practices. Time and money very well spent. Thanks!

Reviewer: Brad S.

Hi Good info but the quality was not too crisp. Had to restart many times.

Reviewer: James R.

This is a very useful video. Well worth your time to view. Sometimes they are a bit short on the details but the advice is grate and their technique is well demonstrated.

Reviewer: James Y.

This is an amazing DVD. It gives some important basic metal skill techniques along with very advanced procedures using equipment most anyone can affort. No big costly equipment used! His work at making pieces with his own pattern was remarkable. All this the author does in a calm, laid-back presentation. Highly recommended.

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