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The Complete Beginner's Guide to Knitting

...with Nici McNally (previously Nici Beason)

Knitting how-to video: The Complete Beginner's Guide to Knitting by Nici McNally (previously Nici Beason) Review this video!

Knitting is a tactile and visual craft so you'll learn best when you actually see it for yourself. With this DVD you learn to knit with close-up video demonstrations. It's the most visually dynamic and comprehensive learning tool for the new knitter. With this DVD you progress at your own pace. <p><p>Knitting is everywhere. In coffee shops, the office, college campuses, commuter trains, hospitals, movie sets, vacation spots, you name it! This wonderful craft has something to offer everyone:<p><br>* stress relief<br>* creative outlet<br>* productive downtime<br>* meditation<br>* useful hobby<br>* charity projects<br>* gift-giving<p>

This video was added to our catalog on January 01, 2000 in Arts & Crafts::Knitting.

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