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Differential Rebuilding

...with Paul Zank

Maintenance how-to video: Differential Rebuilding by Paul Zank 5_bulb Review this video!

Tired of paying someone else to do your differential work? Watch as drive line expert Paul Zank takes you through nine of the most popular differential rebuilds all in one DVD!<p>Covered in great detail is disassembly, inspection, and the setup procedures for achieving a good pattern. You'll learn the different set up techniques for each unit and see the results as each shim is changed.<p>The rebuilding and ring and pinion installation basics covered in the DVD are universal to all differentials. The rebuilds you'll see in the video will be the same or similar to many models.<p><p>Featured Rebuilds:<br>* GM 10 bolt -GM 10 Bolt 1955-64<br>* GM 10 & 12 bolt posi<br>* Dana 44, 60 & 70<br>* Dana 44 & 60 Trak-Lok<br>* Dana 60 & 70 Powr-Lok<br>* Chrysler 8.25"<br>* Chrysler 8 3/4<br>* Chrysler 9.25<br>* Toyota<br>* Ford 7.5"<br>* Ford 8.8"<br>* Ford 8"<br>* Ford 8 & 9 inch Limited Slip<p><p><br>* GM 10 bolt -GM 10 Bolt 1955-64<br>* GM 10 & 12 bolt posi<br>* Dana 44, 60 & 70<br>* Dana 44 & 60 Trak-Lok<br>* Dana 60 & 70 Powr-Lok<br>* Chrysler 8.25"<br>* Chrysler 8 3/4<br>* Chrysler 9.25<br>* Toyota<br>* Ford 7.5"<br>* Ford 8.8"<br>* Ford 8"<br>* Ford 8 & 9 inch Limited Slip<p>

(about 120 minutes)

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Customer Reviews

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Reviewer: Steven S.

Good luck getting this video but it is well worth the wait. While I knew the details of rebuilding a rearend i've never actually done it nor seen it done. This video is a lifesaver when it comes to the details and the devil is in the details.

The instructor goes into a good bit of detail on measuring backlash with a dial guage and magnetic base holder. Without this bit I would have probably done it wrong given no manual i've seen ever states the dial indicator must be at right angles to the surface of the tooth NOT the ring gear itself in 2 planes!

The video also shows the major differences in between the various vendors designs. GM rears with adjustable shims on the outside of the carrier bearings are nifty. With a DANA rearend you will want to make those setup bearings when you realize you have to slip the bearings on and off a dozen times to adjust those damn shims on the inside of the bearings. Finally you realize third member rearends (Toyota) with threaded shims for preload makes rebuilding a breeze.

There is also a good deal of time spent on getting your gear pattern setup just right and it is refreshing to have the instructor state a perfect pattern is almost impossible depending on the design on the ring and pinion. He clearly stresses a good pattern for quiet operation instead of perfection.

This video does not cover rebuilding solid front axles and no details on part selection. The techniques are the same but on the Dana 44 ,for example, the axle tubes and axles are a bit different.

Overall if you intend on rebuilding your rearend but have never done it before, it is worth every penny. Any decent shop will run you $400-$900 for what you can do on a weekend for much less.

Reviewer: Todd R.

From darkness into light...

Paul Zank exposes the process of rebuilding a number of popular differentials in this title.

As a hobbiest, I removed, serviced, and re-installed my Ford 9" in one day. Without the help of a voodoo priest. That old rear-end performs better than it did before. And now I know how it works.

Very well produced. And Paul is a great instructor... Listen carefully, he's talking while he's working. He doesn't miss a beat!

Reviewer: Josh E.

Excellent video overall. I was utterly impressed with the degree to which the narrator/host covered the teardown and rebuild, and more importantly, what to look for as far as wear and when to replace parts, as well as descriptions of common problems to look for. Overall, very satisfied and would recommend to anyone who is about to undertake a rebuild of their differential.

Reviewer: Mike L.

This was a very informitive video and i would recomend it to anyone from newbi to pro.

Reviewer: Jason D.

Awesome How-To for Beginners through the most experienced. I had only previously read how to rebuild differentials, so most of my knowledge was limited. After watching this DVD, I am more than confident enough to tear into any rear or front end without any worries. Great Video!

Reviewer: Jerry T.

Excellent video. This video makes it very easy to understand the proper rear end set-up. The author goes through the different differential types and how to get the correct set-up on each. I would highly recommend this video.

Reviewer: Brad B.

The most professional instructional DVD I have ever seen. Very clear and easy to understand.

Reviewer: Ken G.

The video was very well done. A number of different models were covered in detail. The illustrations and instructions were very clear and easy to follow. The procedures should be easy for the average mechanic or hobbyist to follow assuming you have access to a dial indicator with magnetic base and an inch-pound torque wrench.

Reviewer: Wayne M H.

I have to agree with others, this is an excellent production and the technical skills imparted really take a lot of uncertainty out of getting the job done correctly.

Reviewer: George P.

Great video for any gearhead. I highly recomend for anyone thinking about tackling this type of project.

Reviewer: james c.

Excellent video and better than I was expecting. It told me everything I needed to know to rebuild the 8.5" 10-bolt in my 10 second Buick T-Type. Camera work and instructors comments were excellent.

Reviewer: Alvin C.

I did get a couple tips but not much else. My 8 3/4 chrysler is the 489 case with a crush sleeve that was not covered. One of the most difficult things in rebuilding a unit with a suregrip is to get the splines lined up on both side so the axles will slip in after unit is installed. This was not addressed. I did like the harmonic balancer being used to remove the yoke. He also said you would not find a rear pinion shim under the bearing but always under the race. I pulled a chuck from an original 71 chrysler and found the shim under the bearing. I also thought he was being a little rough installing some parts although I know that its for education purposes and not for a customer. I am glad this resorce is avalible.

Reviewer: John S.

If you are a backyard mechanic and want to save some money rebuilding your differential this is the video to rent. It goes into detail in what needs to be inspected and how to remove and reinstall all components. I highly recommend this video for any auto hobbyist.

Reviewer: Billy B.

Very useful to see in person what I had read about quite a bit. A picture is worth a thousand words. Worth every penny for the rental.

Reviewer: michael r.

I thought I was renting a rebuild video; to me rebuild means removing old bearings. I can take a a rear-end apart and put it back together. That is easy. Show me how to remove the pressed on bearings. I feel that is where a rebuild DVD should be.

Reviewer: Kirk D.

Very clear and well produced. Excellent for the novice mechanic or experienced mechanic with less differential experience. Highly recommended.

Reviewer: jeffrey w.

Very good video, it helped a lot.

Reviewer: Stephen S.

The DVD was very informative. I installed a positraction in a Ford 7.5" rear end and came off smooth.

Reviewer: Michael S.

Very good video, good for a novice like me but I still need a little more information. The charts that came with a purchased video would have helped.

Reviewer: lawrence h.

I enjoyed the video very much. It was very detailed and I now have no fear of tackling my own gear swap in either my mopars or pontiacs. Very well put together video.

Reviewer: Rick M.

Excellent video. It covered everything I needed to know about rebuilding a GM 10 bolt differential.

Reviewer: clayton s.

I was very pleased with the DVD. I have been telling my friends about Smartflix.

Reviewer: Andrew L.

Great video, took the mystery out of rebuilding rear gears.

Reviewer: JAMES S.

Informative. Exactly what I was looking for, Thank You.

Reviewer: Thomas B B.

I think this is a very well done video with all the information you need to rebuild your differential. Excellent

Reviewer: jason d.

Great, very informative. Would recommend it to anyone.

Reviewer: Robert M.

Real nice overall view of rebuilding differentials for the most part. Wish they would have gotten into the rebuilding of posi units for the 8 3/4 and the ford 9". It was real in depth for the Chevy units, but when it came to the others it just showed the basics of swapping the ring and pinion out. At least it was enough info to get started, and feel a little more comfortable about doing it myself.

Reviewer: charles m.

Very good video for the novice. I must say that reading the pinion depth is tricky, to say the least, and I could not figure out how to remove the pinion bearing without damaging it even though i have a gear spreader and press available. I do wish that would have been explained, but overall good.

Reviewer: William F.

Dear Smartfix: Enjoyed the video for rebuilding the 10 bolt Gm very much. Straight forward and options listed for not having certain tools was great. Instructor was very good.

Reviewer: mike d.

Overall i think i would give it a rating of 9.9 out of 10! He made it look so easy. I'm definitely going to give it a try or at least have a shop set the backlash for me and i can do the rest. you would pay hundreds of $ to learn this in a classroom, it's well worth the $9.99!!! Thanks SmartFlix, One satified customer

Reviewer: Anthony B.

it took a while to get back in stock but it was worth the wait. Great info.

Reviewer: David T.

Great video very helpful - now I won't have to pay someone to setup my rear ends anymore.

Reviewer: Larry F.

The Differential Rebuilding DVD was a complete, through, and very informative lesson. After reviewing the DVD, there's no doubt I can rebuild my differential. Excellent! in my book.

Reviewer: Kevin L.

Very informative video. Covers many different manufacturers of rear axle differentials- Chevrolet, Ford, Chrysler/Dodge/Mopar (Dana) and Toyota.

Author/Presenter does a very good job of identifying parts and procedures, plus cautionary advice. Setup instructions are very good and the gear pattern identification, descriptions are invaluable to a novice.

Highly recommended.

Reviewer: Denny E.

Good information in this video. You have done an excellent job of presenting your material.

Reviewer: James D.

Relatively good overview of what must be done to rebuild several different rear axles.

Reviewer: Gary S.

It was just what I need to get the rear end in and working right. I will use SmartFlix for my next venture. Will tell my friends and family to use them.

Reviewer: Kyle N.

Video was very informative. Would recommend to anyone looking to rebuild a differential. A wide variety of differential was shown and setting up each was explained professionally. This video helped me with my first differential rebuild.

Reviewer: Serge V.

Great DVD. I recommend this video as it was helpful for my differential rebuilding .You did a good job!

Reviewer: Jim E.

I'm sooo happy that I came across you guys and found the specific video topic I needed. I had never done a gear change on a differential so I needed some help. After viewing it a couple times for the specific diff I would be working on, I felt much more 'at ease' with doing it to the point of feeling like I had already done one. Thanks so much!

Reviewer: Michael C.

Very informative! This video is an essential for any gearhead wanting to be able to go into a differential but has been afraid to. I replaced my 355 gears with a set of 373's and rebuilt my trac-loc. Everything works great!


Reviewer: Mark F.

This video was very helpful. I've been working on cars as a hobby for over 40 years, but I was always fearful of diving into a differential. I always thought it as much an art as a skill. Seeing it described in words and pictures doesn't convey those aspects that require a "touch" such as reading tooth mesh patterns. The video could do more to explain the special tools and equipment used in differential work. As long as you know going in that you need more than just a Sears tool set, then you won't be disappointed.

Reviewer: scott w.

I found the information excellent and very easy to understand. I wish the video were longer rental time but I feel much more confident now. I'm gearing up to rebuild this fall and feel confident it will be fine. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to learn how.

Reviewer: Philip G.

Excellent video. Very helpful. I am a backyard mechanic. I have never rebuilt an engine or transmission or differential but have done just about everything else over the years. This video helped me understand the shop manual. I have not opened up the differential yet on my 67 Jeep Gladiator pickup truck, but will soon and have no fear that I can handle the job. Highly recommended.

Reviewer: glen e.

I recently viewed the Differential Rebuilding DVD is complete and thorough and it is an excellent product. The narrator gives an in depth description along with the actual rebuilding of many various differentials. The camera work is precise and gives you an unobstructed view of each step of the rebuilding process. This is a hands-on dvd and after viewing I believe a monkey (me) can rebuild a differential. I give this product two thumbs up.

Glen E. Blountsville, AL

Reviewer: marty c.

Simply the best instructional video that I have ever seen or rented. It far exceeded my expectations.

Reviewer: Roger T.

I watched this video a couple of times and each time I got more and more from it, I highly recommend this to anyone contemplating rebuilding their differential, excellent, thanks.

Reviewer: Mike D.

This was a good DVD, I learned a lot from it, it was worth the rental price.

Reviewer: Brad O.

Excellent video for anyone needing to do a rebuild on a differential. Excellent video overall, I was very much impressed as to the degree to which the narrator/host covered the teardown and rebuild, of the different types out there. I would recommend this video to everyone setting up a differential.

Reviewer: Nathan W.

The dvd was in tutorial format and was incredible informative. The dvd had numerous demonstrations of rebuilds for different applications and varied systems of differentials.

Reviewer: alejandro m.

It was a very good dvd and I will rent some more in the future thank you.

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