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Sail Trimming

...with Peter Bateman

Sailing how-to video: Sail Trimming by Peter Bateman 4_bulb Review this video!

Sail Trimming is an instructional program aimed at helping yachtsmen trim sails more effectively in order to make their boats go faster. Using a combination of graphics and excellent onboard photography, this program demonstrates the basics of sail trimming in an easy to understand manner and gives a perfect perspective for understanding sail shapes and sail trim. Teaches: GENOAS - where best to check the shape; which shapes to have for each condition; how to adjust and trim to get the desired shape. MAINSAILS - how to set up the mainsail for fine tuning; trimming to balance the helm; how to make the boat accelerate; working with the helmsman to get the best boatspeed and highest pointing to windward; how to tune both mainsail and genoa to set as one unit. SPINNAKERS - How to adjust the rig for downwind sailing, the correct way to set spinnaker pole height and angle for maximum speed; how to identify the wrong shape and correct it; tipos on how to control a spinnaker in heavy weather.

(about 34 minutes)

This video was added to our catalog on January 01, 2000 in Boating::Sailing.

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Customer Reviews

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Reviewer: Chuck H.

It covers all the factors of upwind sail trim; sheet, fairlead, halyards, forestay, outhaul, traveler, mainsheet, cunningham, boom vang, half of which I'd never thought of using. Also thoroughly covers proper spinaker sets.

Spends a bunch of time with irrelevant sailmaker's concerns.

Reviewer: Greg H.

Great lectures start by telling you what you will be told, then tell you the subject matter and are followed by a summary of what you were just told.

Sail Trimming has plentiful information however the presentation lacks basic structure and, thus, impedes learning. It is a good review for those already familiar with the subject.

Reviewer: Terry N.

Another great dvd....very helpful and informing. Thanks!

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