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Learning to Sail

...with Rob MacLeod

Sailing how-to video: Learning to Sail by Rob MacLeod 4_bulb Review this video!

Learn the skills needed to sail both small and large boats with confidence! Join Rob MacLeod in this practical, skills-oriented approach designed to get you sailing right away. Teaches how to quickly gain confidence in handling small and large boats and how to set and trim sails to harness the wind. Covers boat handling, sail trimming, anchoring, docking and undocking, safety, cruising, man overboard recovery and racing basics.

(about 100 minutes)

This video was added to our catalog on January 01, 2000 in Boating::Sailing.

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Customer Reviews

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Reviewer: Terry N.

Another wonderful dvd...love all of the sailing selection.

Reviewer: Steve C.

This was hardly a "learning to sail" video. We learned almost nothing from it about sailing. Much of it we fast forwarded through and wouldn't consider watching a second time or recommending it to anyone who was a novice sailor.

Reviewer: Rommel John M.

I don't know, I thought Steve's review was a little harsh. I have been sailing for quite a few years, off and on, and I've had this tape on video for some time but never watched until tonight (7/5/2008) and to be honest it was quite good, and entertaining to boot. Especially the bit with the guy from North Sails doing the run down on Sail Trim, a little too advanced for beginners by all means, I mean how many beginners know what or where the Cunningham is or how it works or what its primary or only usage is? But it was darn useful, and I would like to see an entire DVD devoted to the topic of efficient sail trimming alone! Surely the women on the tape were a bit hokey, as were the Canadian family, but that's the nature of these instructional video-log type deals, they try to be entertaining when they should stick to simply giving us the plain and simple facts.

But I would recommend this title to anyone new to sailing, it might entice them to go out and try it, and even risk getting wet in a capsize in a dinghy. Sailing is fun and this tape shows you that it can and is, and the time flew by. I liked it, and Steve really needs to rethink his opinion.

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