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1911 Auto Pistol: How To Shoot

...with Bill Wilson

1911 how-to video: 1911 Auto Pistol: How To Shoot by Bill Wilson 3_bulb Review this video!

Master competition shooter and world renowned pistolsmith Bill Wilson presents a series of programs designed to help all gun owners shoot better, understand how semi-automatic pistols operate, fieldstrip, clean, lubricate and then reassemble seven of the most popular semi-automatic pistols in the world. Fieldstripping is the process of breaking the gun down to its major components to enable the operator to clean and lubricate the firearm. Each video shows in detail how to shoot and how these pistols operate with excellent animation sequences showing cutaway views of pistols firing and cycling as well as proper sight picture and sight alignment. Additionally, strict attention is paid to how much lubrication should be used and where it should be applied. Plus, an informative question and answer session with Bill Wilson sharing his years of insight regarding corrosive vs. non-corrosive ammo, how-to-shoot, and lots more.<p><p>Complete information on how to disassemble, maintain, lubricate, and reassemble all 1911 Style Pistols in all calibers including Colt, Springfield, Norinco, and Para Ordinance. Shows details on how to shoot with excellent animation sequences showing cutaway views of pistol firing and cycling, as well as proper sight picture and alignment.

(about 90 minutes)

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Customer Reviews

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Reviewer: Ken E.

Overall I thought the video was informative and I did enjoy getting to put a face to Wilson, of Wilson Combat. It would have suited me better if it didn't come across as a very long commercial for Wilson Combat and their line of lubricants.

Reviewer: Brian Y.

Nice try..but it like most of Wilson/Lenny's, it could have been easily so much better. Title say How to shoot yet not a lot...such as offer two grips, both with support thumb over, Then goes on to shooting demonstration and uses support thumb Straight. No mention of loading, unloading, hammer cocking or dropping. It could speak clearer - this is an instructional DVD. Reassembly he Fails to mention the important the slide stop goes Through Link or the slide lock need to be pushed past a pin and that often a tool helps. Also, locks slide back After the magazine in out. Stuff like that. All in all worth renting, just not worth owning.

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