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Beading how-to videos on DVD

Beadmaking 101 With Pat Frantz

Beading how-to video: Beadmaking 101 With Pat Frantz by Pat Frantz

Pat Frantz

Pat Frantz generously shares a wealth of techniques which she has been developing for over 15... Read more

Bead Knitting

Knitting how-to video: Bead Knitting by Alice Korach

Alice Korach

In bead knitting, the entire piece is constructed with beads as opposed to beaded knitting... Read more

Interchangeable Pendants

Jewelry Making how-to video: Interchangeable Pendants by Gene Sheridan

Gene Sheridan

This DVD contains a beautiful setting for beads. The innovative catch and hinge design allows... Read more

Bead Crochet

Beading how-to video: Bead Crochet by Carol Perrenoud

Carol Perrenoud

In bead crochet, beads are strung onto the crochet thread and captured into specific stitches... Read more

Bead Embroidery Techniques

Beading how-to video: Bead Embroidery Techniques by Carol Perrenoud

Carol Perrenoud

Hand bead embroidery can be used to embellish fabric, incorporate into a wall piece, use in... Read more

The Aquarium Bead

Glass how-to video: The Aquarium Bead by Pati Walton

Pati Walton

Pati shares a wide variety of special tips and techniques as she creates the depth and detail... Read more

Tonbo-Dama Japanese Glass Beads

Glass how-to video: Tonbo-Dama Japanese Glass Beads by Norikazu Kogure & Hiroko Hayashi

Norikazu Kogure & Hiroko Hayashi

Japanese beadmakers make five beautiful glass beads and one core formed vessel in the Japanese... Read more


Beading how-to video: Beadweaving by Carol Perrenoud

Carol Perrenoud

Award Winner Bronze Award - National Educational Media Network Video Conference - 1995 In... Read more

Making Beads With Stained Glass Remnants

Glass how-to video: Making Beads With Stained Glass Remnants by Kate Drew-Wilkinson

Kate Drew-Wilkinson

Kate's video is an entertaining and informative journey through a bowl of stained glass... Read more

Beading Basics - Volume 1

Beading how-to video: Beading Basics - Volume 1 by Ruth Avra Kleinman

Ruth Avra Kleinman

Learn the fundamentals of beading and create your own jewelry with this comprehensive video.... Read more

Beadwoven Necklaces: Loombeading Techniques

Beading how-to video: Beadwoven Necklaces: Loombeading Techniques by Virginia Blakelock

Virginia Blakelock

Learn all about styles, types and sizes of seed and bugle beads, needles & threads, and which... Read more

Fabricadabra Material Magic

Beading how-to video: Fabricadabra Material Magic by Sandra McCall

Sandra McCall

You've seen her guest appearances on television. Now you can experience Sandra's material magic... Read more

Tricks of the Trade

Beading how-to video: Tricks of the Trade by Janice Parsons

Janice Parsons

Janice Parsons, owner of The Bead Shop, leads you through all the techniques necessary to... Read more

Beaded Gourds

Beading how-to video: Beaded Gourds by Kathy James

Kathy James

You've probably seen the beautiful beaded gourds at gourd shows, on the cover of national... Read more

Off Mandrel and Sculptural Beadmaking Techniques

Beading how-to video: Off Mandrel and Sculptural Beadmaking Techniques by Brad Pearson

Brad Pearson

This DVD showcases four lessons demonstrating shapes and skills for new & intermediate bead... Read more

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